Tennessee Photos


Hi there!

We recently went to the Great Smoky mountains in Tennessee and we went to Cade’s Cove and Roaring fork to look at scenery. I took a great bit of photos I thought i’d share with you! here they are:


This was entering Cade’s Cove.


This was the first mountain view you see. We were there right before their annual spring flowers were blooming, although we did see daffodils. This field right now is probably full of wildflowers(;


The road (it’s one way, that’s why it’s so narrow) they tried to keep natural, so some of the roads go straight through a creek. That’s why there’s water on the road in this picture.


(sorry this is so blurry) We were driving along and I noticed something red in the tree. I was able to get a photo of this woodpecker. We don’t have many of these kinds of woodpeckers in our area of Georgia. It doesn’t really look like it, but this is a very large bird. (Well, not HUGE, but larger than average)



Cade’s Cove has lots of very photogenic, old, old cabins.




This is a very old church. (well, the steeple of it, anyway) I was taking this photo through the car window and something about the lighting or something made the top of this photo blue. Hmm… (It does look kind of cool though)


Oh, I love deer! (except for when they chew on your garden) The national park has lots of wildlife.


You can ride horses for a day through Cade’s Cove.


Look at this bark!


Here are some more deer. Look at the fawn! so sweet(:


I thought this was cool. We were driving through a creek again(:


Well, I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more posts soon!

Thank you for reading! ~the Junebug blog




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