Bullet Journaling // Why It Works

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Hello there! I hope everyone is having a great day!

I was filling out things in my bullet journal earlier and I was thinking, “What did I do before this!?”  Bullet journaling has worked well and has been really fun in the process, and today I’m just going to share some various tidbits about it and why it works so well.

To start off, there’s something I always haven’t been extremely faithful about remembering: The bullet key.

This is a very helpful way to remember the importance, time, if you completed something, if you need to save, if you need to buy, if you need to check off your list kinds of things.

I always put mine in the front of my bullet journal so that when I need to go look for it, it’s not hidden away in the middle someplace.

I stuck to some basic ones, like “task done” “task completed” “important” “good idea” and such. I’ve heard of other people doing a lot more things in order to help them remember.

If you’re just starting out with bullet journaling, or even if you’ve done it for awhile, this is still very helpful. The key, and the whole bullet journal as a matter of fact, is completely customizable to your own taste.


Now, when I first started bullet journaling, I didn’t have something that I really like now, a content page/index.

My newest bullet journal, the one I’m in now, has one and it’s one of the most helpful things in it. (click HERE to see my Bullet Journal)


Habit Trackers are probably my most helpful and favorite things in a bullet journal, because when they’re finished (especially if you didn’t miss a day) they look really neat, and they make you want to do that thing to be able to fill it in.

I’ve done all kinds; ones where you fill it in with certain colors, others its own separate box with a favorite black fineliner.



I really like to do a goals page. It’s always fun to see, at the end of the month, what goals you met.

Creating “TO-DO” lists for the month and cleaning plans are always great and very efficient and good to do ahead of time and to be able to add to later, because you can take a glance, go do something on your list, come back and check it off.

The main thing about a bullet journal that is so great is that it’s all in one. You get planner, calendar, to-do’s, goals, a journal (if you add that), in one book, and the good thing is that it’s only one book!

Hehe, I know I just said that twice, but that’s really the best thing about it. Instead of opening five different sources to check off or see various things, the all-in-one is so great. I prefer a A5 size journal because if you need to take it anywhere it isn’t too big.

Something else I prefer is a dotted grid. This is just me, but when I create a grid or calendar or do brush lettering, I don’t like doing it over back black lines. There are also square grids. I prefer a dotted grid that isn’t too noticeable, but it’s not just a blank piece of paper. (A grid really helps with lines and writing)

You can see the dotted grid here.

I have a lot of pens I use when bullet journaling, but some of my favorites are my *Tombow Dual brush pens. These are water-based, brush and bullet nib pens that are great for writing, doing brush lettering, or coloring in certain things. They blend really well, too, which is something fun for your bullet journal’s look.

Some of my other favorites are my *Pigma Microns in black. Ah! I love these. They last long time and are great for writing and drawing grids.

I love to use a kneaded eraser and just a regular light pencil (like a 4H or 2H) to sketch out my designs. This is probably you have around your house!

And we can’t forget a good ‘ole ruler!

I hope this post was helpful and that you enjoyed it! Let me know what you would like to see next. More posts of the like?

Have a wonderful day!

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What posts would you like to see next? Where does school start around your area? Do you like to shop for school supplies? Do you have a bullet journal? What’s your favorite Icecream flavor?

Looking Back: February


February is coming to an end already. I really can’t believe it. I’m still catching up from Christmas!!

Well, excitedly, February has been my best blogging month so far, which is really fun. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and hope to keep it up for a while! Thanks much for stopping by, y’all!

The first post I made this month was, hehe, “Looking Back: January” 😄 (check that out  here) I like to do a overview of the past month and all that it had in it.

The next one was a quick little Valentine’s card tutorial I did. I really liked making that post. (Come see that HERE)

I had been stashing yup a few sunset/rise pictures and I put them all in one post. (Here)

I was excited to share my February Bullet Journal setup with you all. (right here)

Megan over @abarefootgal recently re-designed my blog here (of which I’m extremely grateful!) which I love so much. (over here)

I had a few photos to share and I announced my new Young Living essential oils page. (You can see that here)

I have tried a few of Savvy Minerals blushes of late and I did a full-on review on them. (HERE)

I have been making quite a lot of ATC’s lately and made a quick post about them. (See here)

And then I did a Savvy Minerals lipstick review. I had a fun time taking pictures for this’n! (HERE)

I reviewed a bit of art I’ve done lately. (right HERE)

I was recently nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award, (thanks again, Lydia!!) and I posted about it. (here)

I stashed up some more recent photos and I have joined POTP by Meg’s Life. (see that right here)

The other day I was playing around with all of my different watercolor formats and posted about that. (See that here)

I have had fun this month blogging and hope to keep it up for March! Thank you all so, so much for reading! Have a wonderful last day of February, 2019!

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Do you have anything fun coming up in March? Dogs or Cats? Do you like to swim?

Testing All Of My Watercolor Mediums



I am SO happy it paused raining today! I went outside and sat, just watercoloring, for a few hours, soaking in all the sun! I’m so glad God gave us a hint of Spring today; I would’ve gone crazy without it! (He probably new that😁)

Also: Thank you guys so much for 60 followers! Thank you so much for reading my little blog here. It has been a fun journey(:


I have acquired a few different versions of watercolors over the past little while, and I wanted to test them all out, and I thought y’all might like to see!

I have these small pieces of paper cut out for swatching, which is almost my favorite part. It’s so fun to see all the colors on the page.


I decided to start with my tube paints first, so that I could give them ample amount of time to dry. The brand of these paints are the Royal Langnickel Essentials. I really like these paints and how saturated they are compared to some of the others. They can also be layered well, which I’m a big fan of. I think you can get these paints on Amazon


I put them all out on my palette I got HERE and then went to get some water.


I love how bright the colors are, especially the violet! I love the color Prussian blue, too.


Next I did some swatches with this super old Crayola watercolor palette we had. I knew these wouldn’t be very good quality or colors, but they were watercolor…😒 The blue turned out well!

Heh. Yeah, that’s all I had to say about them(:


Then I used this old (even older than the last one) watercolor set. This was the one I loved to use before I got my Windsor and Newton palette last year. This is a Prang Oval-8 palette. This is a great palette for beginners, and it’s very affordable😊

As you can see, It’s been “well loved”

This is my Winsor & Newton compact watercolor set, which is my favorite. (They also come in bunches of different formats, not just compact😁)


These are all of the swatches on this page. I’m actually happy I did this because I had no comparison swatches. (All of them together)


Then I started swatching all the watercolor pencils. The brand of watercolor pencils we have are the Conté a paris aquarelle pencils. I found this set at a yard sale in the fall and I hadn’t really used them until recently. I would totally recommend these are the Winsor and Newton ones to anyone(:


So How these work is: You sketch the color with the plain pencil down THEN add water. (It took me forever to figure this out!)  I have heard of people putting water ON the pencil, but I have found that that doesn’t quite give the same effect.


I wanted to see if they blended well together, so I swatched them all beside each other.


Then I added water. I think they do blend well! I like how this turned out. I shall be using this technique in the future. (Also: do y’all have any tips for watercolor pencils? I’m all ears!)


Oh, while I’m on it, I am using the Marvy Watercolor brush pen. I love this one. It’s the perfect thing for traveling, mainly because it’s (pretty well) self-cleaning, and it holds it’s own water. I also have used the Pentel version, but I like these better.

The other brushes I’m using are the Yohino brand from Amazon(:


Then I quickly switched out something. I planned on using at least one color from each medium.


The overalls and from the Prang palette, the hair from the tubes, and the shirt from the Crayola palette.


And the rest was the watercolor pencils. Definitely not one of my favorite illustrations, but for not quite knowing what they’d all be like together, it’s okay.


I wasn’t fully satisfied with that last illustrations, so I quickly sketched out and eye to see how it’d do.

I used a few different palettes and tubes for this iris.


I used the Crayola palette for the eyebrow, which was quite the mistake, but then I used the watercolor pencils for the eyelashes and skin.



Thank y’all much for reading! Can you all believe it’s already almost MARCH??!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Savvy Minerals by Young Living Lipstick Review

8th April 2020 Our House 123 Anywhere St., Any City-3

Hello, Friends!

Happy Valentine’s day! How was yours?

I have another Savvy Minerals review today! (And I know I used that picture on the last review, but it’s the same thing, so I’m using it again!😁)

My Mom and I have accumulated a few lipsticks and glosses from Savvy Minerals since we found out about them, and I have heard mixed reviews, so I shall now throw my input into the ring!


Savvy Minerals has many colors and different kinds of lipsticks (tangerine infused and cinnamon infused velvets). They have all colors for all types of skin tones and shades, and they also have glittery and matte (and in between!).


They last a long time on your lips, and they do taste good. (Have you ever gotten one and it just taste horrid?😫) I especially love the tangerine infused ones! (Shown)


They have a viewing section in the middle, where some lipsticks don’t, which is nice. I like to be able to see what color I’m getting!


The lipsticks themselves are a little dry, but they go on pretty smoothly, so it’s alright, but sometimes I have to put chapstick or lipgloss on top, or first, do make it not feel as dry.


My Mom likes darker, orange/maroonish colors, and I like pinks and soft peachy colors, (but not too pink) and Savvy Minerals offers a couple in those ranges.


They’re pretty natural, which is good. They have natural ingredients like Citrus oils, Beeswax, and Sunflower oil, others have Shea butter, Cinnamon bark, and Coconut oil. (But you don’t taste anything but the citrus/cinnamon oils, and they’re not very strong, which is good.)


The lip gloss is some of our favorite. It’s tingly, because the main oil in these are peppermint. They make your lips super soft, and I love it.


They are quite pricey, but for natural products, they’re decent.

The Tangerine infused lipsticks

The shades on skin are the same in the bottle, not darker or lighter, so you do get what you get.

The peppermint lipgloss

The lipgloss has a long bottle with a wand, and it lasts a long time.

The Cinnamon infused velvet lipstick

Savvy Minerals also has another kind of lipstick I haven’t tried yet. Maybe I will soon!


+Lots of colors

+Different kinds for different preferences

+Good tastes

+Goes on smoothly

+Last a long time throughout the day

+Layers well with lipgloss and chapstick

+Can be enhanced by lipgloss

+They hydrate your lips, not dehydrate.

+Chemical free. I feel like they nourish my lips, and not deplete them.


–More expensive than drugstore makeup

–Can feel dry without chapstick or lipgloss


I don’t really have another, so that’s it! They’re really good. Overall I give them a ♦♦♦♦½ rating. (Hehe, I know those aren’t stars, but my emojis weren’t working:) )




I really like their lipsticks so far, and I hope to try more Savvy Minerals products soon. Did you enjoy this review? Thanks much for reading! I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s day(:

Be sure to let me know if there are any certain posts you’d like to see soon!

If you would like to learn more about Young Living and/or Savvy Minerals, go HERE. (:

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Do you wear lipstick? Have you ever heard of Young Living™ or Savvy Minerals? Would you like to see more reviews? Are there any posts you’d like to see from me?

Savvy Minerals by YL Makeup Review

8th April 2020 Our House 123 Anywhere St., Any City-3.png

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

Two posts in one day! Fun!

I recently got permission to wear a little makeup, and wanting to start with something healthy, we ordered from Young Living. I got some of their lipsticks, lip glosses, and blushes to try out. (But today’s just about blush:)) Let’s get on with it! Shall we?


I like most of their makeup I’ve tried. The blushes have a little sheen/sparkle in them, and I never liked the idea of being shiny. But these are alright! Not too sparkly for me. (They have some that are more sparkly, though, if you like that:))


They’re in powder form, meaning you have to dump some of the powder in the lid then swirl your brush in it. It can be a hair annoying, if you dump too much or not enough, or get the powder clumped on the brush, but it’s not too bad. I don’t mind.


They have a wide variety of colors, which is nice. I have pale (ish) skin, so I wanted to go for a light pink/rosy color. They only really have two in that color range, so we got them to test. I think the colors are good.


They go on pretty easily, but it takes a couple dips in the lid for me. (Probably because I think I’m always putting too much on my brush😂) I normally start at the apples of my cheeks and go mid-way up my cheekbone.


Hehe. Does this blush make me look funny?🤣


They give a nice amount of color, and can be layered very nicely with the Savvy Minerals foundation. My Mom layers the foundation, blush and bronzer, and they all look good together without being too heavy. They’re buildable, so you can get it as dark or light as you want.


I have the colors “Smashing” and “I Do Believe You’re Blushin'” (Hehe. I don’t know who’s on the naming committee for Savvy Minerals blush.🤣)


Well, I would say my overall rating for Savvy Minerals blush is ★★★★½. Some pros and cons are:


+They have nice colors

+They’re completely natural and chemical free

+They layer well

+They’re not too expensive

+They’re pretty easy to apply

+They’re non-toxic

+They have colors to fit all skin tones and types

+They’re light on your skin; you don’t feel cakey or greasy

+They’re forgiving and easy to take off. (I use witch hazel to remove mine, which is natural, and it also works well to clean your face:) )

+They last a long time

+They’re vegan friendly (if your vegan😀)

+They’re gluten free


– They’re more expensive than drugstore makeup

-You might need to touch up during the day

-Some of them are heavy on the shimmer (that is just my dislike😉)

– A little tricky to apply from lid

-They don’t pour out of the jar very easily (lots of tapping on the jar involved)

So, really, they’re pretty good! I think I’ll get them again, and I’m looking forward to trying out the foundation soon! I like their products, and look forward to experimenting with them.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked this review(:

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Would you like to see another Savvy Minerals review? Do you wear blush? Do you like natural products?