Christmas Countdown, Day 2



🎶 Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day..

heehee, That was just me remembering yesterday’s “Christmas Countdown”

Today’s topic is… drumroll please.. CHRISTMAS-Y FASHION!


OK, so, some of you might be envisioning a green and red Christmas sweater your great-Aunt Rudy crocheted for you. Is that it? (:

Some of my favorite things to wear at Christmastime are Christmas socks, that pretty much look like Aunt Rudy’s sweaters. But they’re GREAT! (just if you’re wondering, Target has some great pairs in their dollar section(; )

🎶        🎶        🎶

Well… I guess that about wraps this up.

HAH! get it? Wraps this up! because you know, Christmas and you, um, wrap things and, no? OK.

Hee Hee



Christmas Countdown, Day 1.

Hi, Everybody!

There are, umm, let’s check the calendars here, let’s see. There’s about, uh.. 20 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!??!! Huh? How is that even possible? It seems like 2018 is going (gone) SO fast! Is that just me?

I decided I would do a Countdown to Christmas (or vice versa, hence the name(: ) It will be the first time that i’ve done something like this on a blog, so we’ll see how it goes! It should be fun!

Here’s how it works:

So, The idea is, I’ll post something everyday (hehe, we’ll see how THAT goes!) that is Christmas themed! I love seeing what other people do around the holidays. It’s such a cheerful, festive time of year!

I’ll post little Christmasy snippets (supposedly (: ) everyday, except Sundays. Enjoy!


Yay! I’m excited to start. For day one, I will be talking about music! Christmas music is a large part of our music. Our Christmas playlists consist of these, mostly:









As you can see, we like Amy Grant’s Christmas music(:

No, really, we do like Amy Grant’s Christmas albums, but we really like listening to Selah’s Christmas album “The Rose of Bethlehem”,too. It’s really very pretty. I like it because they mix some christian songs with popular and traditional music.

We all enjoy the traditional Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Jackson 5 and such. They’re always good!

I really like Lauren Daigle’s Christmas albums. She has such an amazing, powerful voice!

We all like the Pentatonix Christmas Albums. Oh man, are THEY talented!

What kind of Christmas music do YOU like? Comment below; I’d love to know!

I hope you like my first Christmas snippet for Countdown to Christmas!

What are you doing for the holidays?



Autumn photos/Photo Catch-up

Hello, all!

Wow. It’s been awhile. Let me just see when the last time I posted was…SEPTEMBER 29th?!?!! Oh my!

Better late than never, I always say! {I’ve never said that in my life.} ((;


It has quite burst into the colors (and temperatures!) of autumn, and as you know, is on the top of my favorites list. I’ve taken quite a few pictures lately, including some from my photography class. So There’s going to be lots of random photos.

We went to the beach mid-October, came home one day, turned around, and went camping! You’ll see pictures from that, too.

I’ll start from oldest to youngest pictures, which would start with the beach. We traveled to Destin, Florida, which from where we live is about 6-6½ hours. My Dad recently got a motorcycle, so he rode that down there, while we traveled behind in the red ’99 Tahoe(; Maisy went with us. She loves riding in the car!

On the way!



Crossing the bridge


Maisy loved to sit (sleep) in the sunny places. (:                                                                                          Oh! she celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 14th of this month!


The last day, the day we left, (pictures below) were cloudy, and I walked back to the beach just before we left.

There was also HORRID red-tide ):





I’m pretty sure I was the only one out there with Adidas sand prints!



We went camping in Townsend, Tennessee. We took our Pop-up camper, and we saw lots of wildlife while we were there.







I couldn’t get a very good picture, but we saw three bear


                                      FALL/RANDOM PHOTOS

Much thanks to my friend for posing(:







We carved our names on a tree
We tried and tried, and finally made it up in a really old tree
It was really high up. 




It was tricky getting up there!



Thank you very much for reading and looking! I hope you have a great week!

~The Junebugblog

Looking Back: Summer

Hello everyone!

I know it turned to Fall (yay!) 5 days ago, I thought I would do a look back on Summer!


The first thing I posted this summer was my chalk-painted piano transformation post, where, well, I transformed my piano by chalk paint! I really like how it turned out! It still looks good; I really like using chalk paint.


I made a lot of pillow forts, especially when it was raining, which was a lot of summer, so I made a short post showing one of my forts that I made with a friend.

A very awkward shot of Maisy

I wrote a long story about our one-year moving journey that was filled with lots of Storage Units, Driving back and forth, and searching for new houses.


I did (and learned) a lot of Brush Lettering over the summer, and it is one of my favorite things to do! I created a page for it, and i’m attempting to do a tutorial about each letter


And, last of all, I did my Happy Birthday, Junebugblog! post. My blog celebrated it’s 1st birthday!

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Fall, All!

~Audrey Kate/thejunebugblog


DIY! How to paint Place card Wreaths!


Hello everyone! How are you all? Well, today I have a tutorial! (if you want to see my last one, click here) I have been making little wreaths with initials inside and have been sending some to friends, and I thought you all might like to try and to see how I did it!

I said “place card” in the picture, but the things I am about to show aren’t place cards, but instead of doing one square of paper, you could cut a rectangle and fold it in half and you will have a cute place card! I just wanted to let you know, incase you’re going, “Ummm… those aren’t place cards” (: I hope you enjoy!

1. Floral Place card wreath


Start with a square of watercolor (or any sturdy paper) paper. I cut mine, for this, about the size of a bottle cap, so it’s rather small. You can make it any size or length you want, but for the wreath you want to stay more in the square zone(:

Next, draw a circle inside the square. I used a little round eraser to get a perfect circle shape, so if you have a round object that is a good size, use it!


I like to use a smaller brush. For these paintings I’m using a size 2 brush (photo) and a size 0.

Now, we are going to do flowers, so mix the colors that you wish. To start out I did a Magenta/Reddish-purple color, one of my favorites(:

IMG_7154Now, you start on the flower/rose. Some of you are probably saying, “How?” I shall show you.


Roses are some of my favorite things to paint with watercolor. When you start, you make a little jelly bean shape as the center of your flower, not to big.


Then, add two medium-thick lines top and bottom of the center of the flower. (Remember not to let them touch to much or it will just look like a blob(:  )


Then, beside the two medium-thick lines you just made, put two more (not so thick lines) on both sides of those. When you are finished with that, add a few decorative lines. You have a flower! Not to hard, right?


Make a few more flowers around the circle you made, staying around the same size. I lightened my colors as I went around with more red, but you can do whatever you like. I have done all different kinds. If you like blue, mix a medium blue with a teeny bit of grey, It’s also one of my favorite flower colors(: Do you like your results on this?


Next you’re going to write the initial. I am using my Micron tip pen (it’s called a Le Pen) to do it.


I just picked a random letter. Now, If you want a bit less floral, look below for the next one!

2. Floral + Ivy wreath


Start with the your paper again. (Remember, you can use whatever shape you want as long as it’s in the shape category)


Now, paint 2-4 flowers, just like before, depending on how many you want. You can do them wherever you want. I like to paint them across from each other.


Now mix the color of the leaves. I went with a darkish shamrock green. (light green mixed with a bit of medium blue)


Paint the green thinly around the circle, trying not to touch the flowers. Then while the green lines are still wet, take your brush and go outward, creating the leaf shape. (photo)


Do that all the way around or until you like the results. What do you think?


Yay! I really like how this one turned out(: If you want to know how to do the lettering, see below.

Quick detour: Handlettering


Start with a scrap piece of paper.


Grab your tools. You can have and use anything for these little letters. I have a brush pen (Le Plumme II, I believe, which you can get here) with a thin Le Pen side and a brush pen side, There are watercolor brush pens, which are good, one of my favorites, (I wouldn’t recommend using it for this tutorial, though. The tend to have a mind of their own for small letters.) and there are brush markers, which I like.


Now, for hand lettering you widen the downstrokes, or press hard on the side for thickness, and and you lighten and raise the pen up for upstrokes, creating a thin line. (the photo shows the brush pen and the watercolor brush pen) practice this over and over until you’ve gotten the hang of it.


Now, practice down and upstrokes on letters until you get the hang of it.


Now, if you don’t have a brush pen or marker, grab a pen, any kind. Write a normal letter. (It doesn’t have to be cursive. This is good for any font or style.)


It is pretty much the same thing as a brush pen. Widening the downstrokes.


Then, when you widen the downstrokes and fill it in, VIOLA! You just did hand lettering! pretty easy, right? OK, back to art.

3. Full Ivy wreath


This is one of my favorites to do. For the ivy on this one I did a darker green. start on three sides, just like the flowers on the last one.


Continue and go all the way around. Done! That is probably the easiest. I love the way it looks! I did a few wispy lines coming out of the leaves for extra effect. (:


Add your Initial. Done!

4. Berry wreath


Now for the berry wreath, the last one, do the same exact thing like the floral/ivy wreath, just instead of flowers, do dots as berries for a more subtle look.




Yay! this was fun! I hope you enjoyed! Comment below which one was your favorite and which one you might make! Thank you for reading!











Oh, dear. What a long one!

Well, Hello there, bloggers!

Did you all have a dandy New Year (five days late)? I did! Well, today I’m posting some photos i’ve taken, Art day, a movie and song(s) recommendation, And, well, that’s it, but it’s still going to be a long one. (don’t be surprised if I throw in some other things, too.) Haha. Well, On with It!

Now first I have something to show you. (!!!)


I Got a new lens for my Camera!!! I’ve been looking at this lens for a while now, and I have been saving for it and I was able to get it! I’ve had the 18-55mm lens since I got my camera a year and a half ago and now this one is 75-300mm. If you are looking for a new canon lens I recommend this one. The only thing about it is that it doesn’t have image stabilization, so you can’t shake, but other than that it’s great!



This was so exciting!


Ah, there I’tis. I thought It was funny that I was photographing a camera lens(:


Well now, these are some photos I took the night I got it. I learned how to take a picture of the moon that day. I love that you can see the craters in it.


I am soon going to get a picture of a full moon! I don’t know when that is, though. let’s see… it says that the 1st of January was the Wolf moon and the 31st is the Snow moon. so I’ve got a while.


This is a little succulent plant we have on the kitchen sink. I thought the lighting at that moment looked very pretty and white.


This was so peppermint Hot Chocolate I made yesterday.



Comment below if you love peppermint. ♥


Maisy. Maisy loves to look out the window. (you can see my reflection)


Oh! she got a haircut. I like her fluffy more, but it was getting a little over-grown…


Look very closely here. There are two eyes and a nose and fluff. Can ye see it? (Heehee)


This is my neighbor’s little puppy Blue. (He lives at the home where we used to live, across the street. you can read about that in about.) I’m pretty sure he’s 6-8 months old. Isn’t he cute?


Look at that face!! he really wanted to play with us.



He’s looking off into the far, blue, distance. (Haha)


Look at his collar! So cute.


This was a very poor drawing of a treble clef, and I can do much better. Hehe. I’ll set a reminder to do a better one next Saturday. But still, I like the tiny notes. colored pencil is a working progress for me. Haha!


This is the most written verse for me. I love how you can do a variety of different lettering. I’m just now realizing it’s crooked. Hmm…


I was testing out a few colors and came out with this. I’m still learning the basics of watercolor still. One day I’ll get it! hehe. I really like it! Does anyone have any recommendations for good watercolors?


This is a little drawing of a violin/Viola that I was playing around with. I like how it turned out. The only thing is, I don’t play Violin/come around them much, so I’m not exactly sure if this looks right. Tell me what you think. (:

Well, I guess that was all the art I had this week. I’m going to start a new schedule where I’m going to draw twice a day every other day so i’ll have more!

Now, Movie and song(s) recommendations. Have any of you seen “the Greatest Showman”?  I believe It came out the 20th of December. We went and saw it last night and we LOVED i highly recommend it. I’ve been listening to the songs all day. It’s about P.T. Barnam and how he started the circus. There’s a lot of awesome dancing  and singing in it. my favorite songs are: “Never Enough”, “This is me”, and “From now on”.

Well, Thank you for reading!