Christmas Countdown, Day 12


Oh! I’m glad you’re here today!

How are you?


Today I am going to revisit Christmas Cookies, Because, I mean, who can ever have to many Christmas cookies! (and, I really didn’t do all of my favorites justice😂)

So, when I last posted on this subject was ten days ago. (on the 8th) Not to early to talk about it again!

Last year we made a lot of different kinds. A few include:

the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

Buttery Spritz Cookies

Easy Sugar Cookies (with frosting!)

Be sure to check those out! (and save one for me!😄)

Some that we’re planning on baking this year are:

Gingerbread Whoopie Pie

Christmas Sugar Cookie bites

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Yum! I can’t wait to make all of those!

What kind of cookies do you like? Do you make cookies?

Come back tomorrow!





Christmas Countdown, day 11



Today I chose weather as the topic for “Christmas Countdown” (:

A little bit of an odd one, but I though I’d give it a whirl!


Here where we live in Georgia, the weather on Christmas day is quite unpredictable.

I can only remember one white Christmas, and I think that was about nine or ten years ago! We usually get at least one snow a year, (maybe two, if we’re lucky) but we haven’t had a white Christmas in quite some years.

In 2016 we had 80° weather here! I remember that, because my Mom, for Christmas, had got me a plaid flannel shirt that I was eager to wear, but when we all went outside, since it was so sunny and warm, I had to go back inside twice to change into something that would be cooler! (I have pictures; I ended up with a tank top and shorts!)

But most years it’s just been cold, maybe sunny, and snowless): But that’s okay, because if we don’t have snow before Christmas, we usually get some after. (:

What Is your weather like where you live at Christmas? Do you get snow? Is it Hot?

Come back tomorrow!

8 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! (wait, what?! 8 days?)



Christmas Countdown, Day 9


Hello all!

Today is the, hmm.. let’s see, 14TH OF DECEMBER?!!??

WOW! How is it the 14th already? December is flying by!

Well, today the topic is… Events!

Today we’re going to see a play; “A Christmas Carol.” (Charles Dickens) It’s with our homeschool group. I’m excited! We recently bought “A Christmas Carol” Radio Drama from Focus On The Family so we can know what the story is, so we’re not lost in the story of the play(:

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we go Ice Skating for my Brother’s birthday.

Also this year we’re doing a dessert party/gathering for the neighborhood around us(: We’re going to make lots of desserts, have coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Do you do any Christmas Events? If so, what?

Drop by again tomorrow!



Christmas Countdown, Day 8


Hey There!

Today for “Christmas Countdown,” I will be talking about………………………………………………

………………………………….Still thinking……………………………………………………………………………………….



a HAH!

hee hee(:

So. Christmas fun.

Well, My Brother’s birthday is this month, and we have gone Ice Skating for the past few years. It’s always really fun! It never gets below 25º here, (rarely even that!) and snow is meager. (although, we DID get 8″ last year, which is the most we’d had since 1993!) So we never get to do a lot of snow activities. That’s why outdoor Ice Skating is so awesome!

Every year my whole family and I make bunches of pans of cinnamon rolls, which is always super fun!

What do you do for fun at Christmastime? Have you ever gone Ice Skating?

Come back tomorrow!




Christmas Countdown, Day 7



Today for “Christmas Countdown” I’m posting about gift wrapping!

I know, kind-of a weird topic, eh?

Well, I know a lot of people who wrap gifts differently; Paper, Bags, Tissue, Boxes, ETC.


Well, we wrap in both bags and boxes, but you know how it gets sometimes, the paper “run-out” leads to some creative wrapping ideas (😄)

We also have to wrap very good. We have a snoop my Dad or two in the family, who like to pick up, shake, rattle, spin and examine the gifts under the tree, so we’ve come up with some ways that, if there’s any way that someone could guess what’s in the bag/box, they can’t. (😂)

How do YOU wrap gifts? What do you use?





Christmas Countdown, Day 5



Today’s topic is… FOOD!


I like food(:

So, our tradition on Christmas day, for dinner, is to have Beef Tenderloin. It’s been a tradition of ours since I was probably 7 or 8. It’s always something we look forward to. My Mom usually gets everything ready Christmas Eve, then, on Christmas, She pulls it all out of the fridge and cooks it.

Another one of our food traditions is to make cinnamon rolls. We make tons and tons of pans of cinnamon rolls and give them away to friends and neighbors, and we keep one pan for ourselves to eat while we open presents. (or after)

We use the Pioneer woman’s cinnamon roll recipe. Try it! I’m sure you’ll like them!

Do you have any food traditions? What do you eat for Christmas dinner?

Come back tomorrow!



Christmas Countdown, Day 3



Today, for my Christmas Countdown, I’ll be posting some pictures from around my house. We decorated for Christmas on the last day of November, and I hadn’t posted about it yet. so, here ’tis!

Outside most of our 2nd level windows we have some wreaths. (Sorry this is so dark!)
It has been quite chilly (mainly highs in the 40’s) since Thanksgiving around here! (This morning’s frost)




As it says: The stockings were hung by the chimney with care… Nope. Not us(: (this is on our bannister)
We went very plain with our tree this year. White lights and red ornaments. I think it’s pretty!
We recently moved the piano out of the music room (the Guitars went, too, upstairs to the school room) 
This is what became out of the music room. It’s small, but, it works pretty good for guests!
We have a slim-er faux Christmas tree that we put in the “Guest Room” this year(:
Ignore the red Tahoe…(:
Maisy dropped in to say hello. (She WILL NOT look at my camera! it’s really funny)
My brother, Evan and I, each decorated a gingerbread house (or in my case, a village) this is mine..

And this is Evan’s. Oh dear. (;

We had this window frame on our mantle all year, but my Mom thought it would look good here with a wreath in it. I agree.
Maisy really wanted to be in a picture. (even though it’s dark)
GUYS. Maisy. Has. A Hat. HAHA! It makes me laugh every time((:
She like to only wear it outside(:
Our House. We never do much outdoor decor. Mainly only wreaths. (the ones in the gable have lights(: )
Since it’s Christmas season (and almost winter!) when people get sick, my Mom got these probiotic pouches. They’re delicious! I didn’t want to try them at first, but when I did, I wanted another! They’re like pixy stix, or pop rocks. They’re from Young Living. Try them out!
(Also from Young Living Essential oils) This is one of my favorite oils. It smells great! Just like a Christmas candle! 


Thank You for reading! Come back tomorrow for another “Countdown to Christmas” post!




Christmas Countdown, Day 2



🎶 Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day..

heehee, That was just me remembering yesterday’s “Christmas Countdown”

Today’s topic is… drumroll please.. CHRISTMAS-Y FASHION!


OK, so, some of you might be envisioning a green and red Christmas sweater your great-Aunt Rudy crocheted for you. Is that it? (:

Some of my favorite things to wear at Christmastime are Christmas socks, that pretty much look like Aunt Rudy’s sweaters. But they’re GREAT! (just if you’re wondering, Target has some great pairs in their dollar section(; )

🎶        🎶        🎶

Well… I guess that about wraps this up.

HAH! get it? Wraps this up! because you know, Christmas and you, um, wrap things and, no? OK.

Hee Hee



Christmas Countdown, Day 1.

Hi, Everybody!

There are, umm, let’s check the calendars here, let’s see. There’s about, uh.. 20 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!??!! Huh? How is that even possible? It seems like 2018 is going (gone) SO fast! Is that just me?

I decided I would do a Countdown to Christmas (or vice versa, hence the name(: ) It will be the first time that i’ve done something like this on a blog, so we’ll see how it goes! It should be fun!

Here’s how it works:

So, The idea is, I’ll post something everyday (hehe, we’ll see how THAT goes!) that is Christmas themed! I love seeing what other people do around the holidays. It’s such a cheerful, festive time of year!

I’ll post little Christmasy snippets (supposedly (: ) everyday, except Sundays. Enjoy!


Yay! I’m excited to start. For day one, I will be talking about music! Christmas music is a large part of our music. Our Christmas playlists consist of these, mostly:









As you can see, we like Amy Grant’s Christmas music(:

No, really, we do like Amy Grant’s Christmas albums, but we really like listening to Selah’s Christmas album “The Rose of Bethlehem”,too. It’s really very pretty. I like it because they mix some christian songs with popular and traditional music.

We all enjoy the traditional Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Jackson 5 and such. They’re always good!

I really like Lauren Daigle’s Christmas albums. She has such an amazing, powerful voice!

We all like the Pentatonix Christmas Albums. Oh man, are THEY talented!

What kind of Christmas music do YOU like? Comment below; I’d love to know!

I hope you like my first Christmas snippet for Countdown to Christmas!

What are you doing for the holidays?