Spring Favorites 2021

Hello all!

I was recently making a list of favorite things for this season (I usually do this every season) and I thought I would turn it into a post I could share!

I love switching things around for each season–weather that’s switching my room, what I wear or what type of books I read or letter art that I do– I love changing things up a bit. For the Springtime this year I’ve been really enjoying florals and green (and on another note, my friend Alex pointed out in a letter that ‘green’ should really be spelled ‘grean.’ Just sayin’, it DOES make sense) and brown and postcards, to name a few.

The first things I wanted to mention were home and location magazines. My Mom recently bought a big stack of magazines from last year and I love them! The Veranda magazine has to be my favorite, but The English Home comes as a close second. The beautiful castles and quaint countryside homes and flower fields and beautifully furnished homes makes me giddy.

I have also really been enjoying decorating with vintage/vintage patterned teacups. Also, I fantasize about having enough cups to fill a small cupboard one day when I’m married with a home. Perhaps a start of a hope chest? (:

I am decidedly a plantaholic. I am sitting in my room at the moment and I look up and gaze upon 11 plants. Is that too many? Probably. But they’re my favorite things in my room, haha!

THESE postcards have been in my regular rotation lately. I love the size and the patterns. Where you write the actual letter, there are no lines or anything, so you have the freedom to write wherever you want and do a fun address if you wish. I just love them.

This next one is a bit random, but the Pilot G-2 pen is the best! I use it all of the time–school, letters, journals–and it hasn’t stopped! Plus, very affordable, which is a plus, indeed.

So these earrings are my absolute favorite. Thank you. Next…


Janette Oke books are in the reading currently. She is a great writer and she writes very interesting, sweet stories. I am currently reading the Prairie Legacy series, but “A Measure of the Heart” has to be my favorite out of all of her books. I want to read “When Calls the Heart,” too, because we loved that show!

My Mom recently passed along this excellent bible commentary that my Grandfather passed to her many years back. It has been well loved, but all of the good words are still there! It goes chapter-by-chapter explaining what happens in each one and references other chapters as well. It’s very short, and I have been enjoying it while doing the McCheyne reading plan (to read the bible in a year–almost half way done!).

And lastly, a quick shoutout to these delightful twisty hair ties that are amazing! I have fairly thick, longer hair that is wavy/curly and the regular hair ties slip out, usually within a few minutes, but these will keep my hair up all day. I must recommend.

I hope y’all enjoyed viewing my favorites for this season! Please be sure to let me know if you enjoy this kind of post–I do! I would LOVE to hear your favorites for spring as well, and let me know if you would like to see this same kind of post but with a different category. I would love to hear your ideas! ❤

What are your favorites for Spring? Do you enjoy magazines? What are your Summer plans? Do you like plants?

2019 BUJO Setup, Day 1

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Photo Credits: Canva



Today I am starting a week long series on Bullet Journaling! I called it my 2019 Setup because, well, it is, but doing a series is so much more fun! 😀

I have been doing a bullet journal since the start or 2018, but I recently had to buy a new one for the start of 2019!

For the first day of this series I shall be talking about the journals because, well, you kinda need one of those! HeeHee.


I have tried multiple different Bullet Journals before I really started a BUJO, but I, so far, have only found two that work well for me.

The first thing I ever tried for a Bullet journal in 2017 was just a regular journal. (Sadly I don’t have any pictures of it) But the paper quality in everyday college-ruled journals isn’t very good quality for using deep pigmented pens. (or even black pens!) They ghost, and they sometimes even bleed through! I thing the regular weight of printer/notebook paper is 50-80 GSM.

(Ghosting is when you can see the color from the other side of the paper, and Bleeding is when the ink seeps through the paper to the next page.)

The next thing I tried was a blank sketchbook from Walmart. It has thick, high grade paper, and it doesn’t bleed or ghost. I believe the weight of this sketchbook paper is about 200-ish GSM. I really liked it, but it was missing a lot of things that I needed for using it everyday, like: Numbered pages, an index, a grid (I don’t like lines, but I do like light dots) I think the price was about $4-5 dollars.

The Walmart Sketchbook

I used it everyday, though! I enjoyed the thick pages and the size. I had to draw in my own key on this trip, and index. It worked pretty well, but it cut into my pages count, having to write it all out. But an index is necessary for my BUJO.

The next journal I got, very recently, was a set of three Moleskine journals from Target. (I’ve seen them a LOT of other places, though. You can get them almost anywhere.) They’re $15 dollars for 3, and if you just get one, they’re $7, I think. They’ve been around for awhile, and I had heard good things about them…


They are very pretty, great sized journals, for Pencil. Don’t get this for a Bullet Journal!!! I was quite disgusted by the quality of this Journal. The pages are only 60 GSM?!!?😱 Eww! They ghost with the lightest colors, and they bleed with dark colors like burgundy and black. the picture below is of the ghosting. I had too hot-glue two pages together and I could still see the ink through the third page! Also, you can feel the indents of the pencil on the backside of the page. I pulled apart the pages I glued together to take a picture go it. You can see the bleeding and ghosting from the backside!! Look at the ink bleeding above my thumb!!!


I really don’t like these journals. They’re also missing an index and numbered pages, but they do have 16 perforated pages in the back, and a pocket. Eww. DON’T BY THESE!

Okay. My newest Journal, the one I’ve been using, is from Amazon. It’s called “Minimalism Art” Journals, and they came with a 5 star rating and they have either 120 GSM or 160, I can’t remember😂 I really like it. It’s got numbered pages, and index, two bookmarks, and a pocket. Look! It’s came in a box! It was priced at about $13 for this color, but some, like the pink one they have, was $14 or $15.


They have four different options for the paper, plain, lines, dotted or squared. I got dots. It has a lot of pages, so it should last me awhile.


I really jumped back and forth between getting cream or this tan color, and I ended up with tan. (I was afraid white/cream would get to dirty.)


I really like the dots and the numbered pages and the two bookmarks. They’re very helpful!


And I like that the dots aren’t too dark, yet you can still see them.


It has a nice deep pocket. I carry my Tombow blending picture, and stickers and such.


I got a few pens to test out. A Tombow Dual, Gel pen, Koi Brush, Fudenoske, Le Pen, and a Zebra pen.

Sorry for the odd lighting!

I drew them on. Gladly, it shows the same color, and doesn’t change it. (Sometimes page colors change the color of the pens!


It does ghost a little, but not drastically. I can definitely deal with this!

Again, weird lighting!

I would defiantly recommend this journal for any Bullet Journalers. (That’s definitely a word🤣) This one and the Walmart sketchbook are probably the best. The other ones I hope to try in the future are: Lechtturm 1917 and Archer and Olive.

Thank you so much for reading! Come back tomorrow!