5 Year Blogiversary!

(May, 2019) It has only been a mere one and a half years since I made my way into blogging. I’m not even sure this will still be here in 5 years, but hopes are high! Thank you all, if you’re reading this, for being supportive blogging friends! You’re all so dear! ♥

(October, 2019) Well, the second year of blogging hath come. I’m still loving it! Y’all are SO sweet. I have 150+  of you to thank for encouraging and bringing me joy. Thank you, thank you!

(January 2020) Wow, it’s 2020! amazing to think that when you read this it will be 2022. O.o Wow. Thank you so much for staying apart of my little blogging journey, I love all of you! ❤

(December 2020) Well hello! For those of you reading this, you will remember that 2020 was (still is, haha) a crazy year. We have experienced much! But this little site has grown, and I thank each of you 292 friends for your kindness and support! Merry Christmas! (:

(February, 2021) Hi there, friends! I just saw this post sitting in my “scheduled” section, and thought I would send a big virtual hug to you all!