It’s July… // Bullet Journal Setup


Well, happy last day of June to you as well! I have decided to lay aside my bewildered comments every month and accept that the days go too fast. Ahh.

Well, it is a lovely last day of June here, and I hope yet is for you as well.

Today I am bringing (rather late but, hey, it’s not July, YET) to you my bullet journal setup for this month. Usually at least once every year in the summertime I create a citrus-themed spread, so why not for this July?

I wanted to keep it rather simple with the colors, fonts, and overall style for the laid-back summer feel. I rather like the floating fruits.

I did the usual two-page calendar spread (like what an actual calendar is laid out like) and I used some washing tape that went along with the theme. I also did varying colors for the boxes.

Hehe, this left page didn’t go exactly as planned, but it’s pretty fun. I used three different slices citrus fruits as the category holders for “TO DO,” “REMINDERS” and “GOALS.”

On the right I laid out the usual habit tracker setup of month-shaped grids. The categories I’m working to make habits this month are bible reading, daily vitamins, and multiple glasses of water daily. What are you working to make a habit this month?

I’ve been really enjoying laying out my weekly logs in columns over two pages like this. It’s nice to have a bigger space where all of your days are together. I like being able to see (most) of it in one place.

On the left page, I continued the same colors and washi tape for a letter tracker. I kept this page pretty simple as to not compete with the next page.

On the right, the weekly trackers had to stretch three extra days into this page. On the rest of the page, though, is this month’s money tracker. I like to keep track of where I made money, how much I spent, etc.

And lastly, just for fun, I added in a page to lay out my different wash tapes. It’s fun to see them all in on place on paper.

I hope y’all enjoyed this month’s spread! Happy July!

Do you like citrus fruits? What was your favorite page? PB&Js with or without the crust? Chocolate or peanut butter?

Over 70 Designs?! // Envelope Art Inspiration

Hi there, everybody!

Alas, I have signed up to show you every single piece of envelope art that I have ever captured on camera. This shall be a lot, but hopefully this helps you if you need inspiration for the envelopes of the piles of letters you are procrastinating to respond to (You must be saying, “Audrey Kate, it sounds as if you know about this letter-writing-procrastination thing?” And to that, I say nothing. ).

Enough chatter, onward!

#1: Florals

Floral patterns are probably my most often drawn envelope decoration. I just love how happy it makes an envelope and you have complete creative liberties with how you want your flowers to look.

#2: Christmas

I love making my envelope art match the Christmastime feelings and colors (probably some of my favorite envelope art ever). Here is an arrangement of these styles:

This one was actually going to a friend named Joy, and so I was so happy my wrapping paper decorations had the word “Joy”!

#3: Autumn

Most of you who have been around awhile know that the fall months are absolutely my favorite. I love putting that season into art, so here we have various autumn-themed decorations.

#4: Valentines Day

Hey, if there’s a season specifically for pink (which actually isn’t my favoritest color but..) and hearts, might as well decorate envelopes that way!

#5: Lettering Focused

My usual go-to for envelopes is just making the lettering of the name and address the focus. It always varies, but sometimes simple is just as beautiful as an all-out design.

#6: Design Focused

You know, sometimes you just have some free time and crack out the paints or the markers and want to go crazy on a envelope. Here are some of those times for me:

And y’all, that is it. Now, this isn’t every design I have ever done, but I would say I have photographed at least 70% of them over the past year-and-a-half. I hope you enjoyed and will return again when you need inspiration for the beautiful envelope you’re about to mail. Thank you for reading and looking!

Which design was your favorite? Which category? Any envelope art related posts you would like to see soon? How has the beginning of June been for you? Icecream or brownies?