Umm. J-jj-JULY? // BUJO Setup

Is it really?

Hi! How are you al– DID I JUST SAY JULY?! Umm, no. Surely not.


Ahh, unless the automatically against my will pre-set calendar on this computer is deceiving me, it is, indeed, nearly July. (Approx. 6 hours and 55 minutes. *ahem*)

It can’t be stopped. Oh dearie me.

ANYwho, I have a new bullet journal setup for July! Hurrah!

I really wanted to do a “summery” theme, so I picked sunflowers. I kept it fairly simple, with a few black lines and minimal fonts.

I’ve found I like smaller calendars as I use mainly the weekly logs in my bullet journal. This one page size is perfect if you use smaller writing!

I decided to go for a pretty basic swirlyish print. With all of the petals and leaves, I thought simple would be best.


The next page is is my collaboration of many different categories. I have goals, to dos, ideas and important. (Just me, or whenever you see/write “important” do you say in your mind, “Im-por-tan-te?” XD) I made the leaves the borders of the categories, for fun.

The next page is my monthly habit tracker (things I’m hoping to grow into habits) and this month I have: Everyday bible reading, Music practice (all of the instruments, not just piano, I tell meeself. XD), retainer every night (which I usually do, but doesn’t hurt to remind!) and make bed. I don’t know why, but I really need to work on the last one. XD

I just used the green color (oh, all of the pens are from Tombow!) and I drew in a few floating petals, for, uhh… no reason, actually. XD I felt like I needed a little “sumthin”.


This is my letter page. A few things haven’t been working out with my normal letter tracker. I keep forgetting if I’ve mailed one out. So this time I added a “to reply section,” which I think will help a bit. I also added lots of sunflowers. XD


Then I have my first weekly log of the month of July! Fairly simple and spaced out. I also put in sunflowers!

Then I have my money tracker. This layout is uber helpful for moi to see everything that’s going on in the piggy bank. I try not to do more spending than what’s in the expenses column, and I try to save a bunch. Seeing this helps.


Then I have the log for week two. Pretty much the same thing for this week!

Then I added a fun sunflower quote! I love throwing a quote or something into a spread.


Then I combined two weekly logs into one. I like the appearance of these pages.


And I had to stretch the last remaining days onto another page, then I added my daily routine section (that I still need to fill in. hehe!) and the next page is my month’s farewell!


Well, I hope you enjoyed this month’s layout! What’re you up to for the 4th?

Any 4th of July plans? What’re you up to in July? Do you like sunflowers?


24 thoughts on “Umm. J-jj-JULY? // BUJO Setup

  1. Oooh, gorgeous!! I love sunflowers; it just have such summery vibes! ❀😜
    We don’t have any 4th of July plans as of now…we’ll probably just stay home and maybe have a grill-out or something like that. What about you?


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  2. Ohhh! Sunflowers are my all time favorite flower, so I loove this!! And, I KNOW RIGHT? HOW IS IT JULY? *screams* This year is flying by! XD Wonderful post! ❀

    -Laura ❀ πŸ™‚

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  3. Aaah, that is so adorable! I like sunflowers so much, so I really like this one. I finally *ahem* started my BUJO! *throws confetti* I have been searching on the Web for page ideas, and I figured out something that would be easy enough for me, but still cute and not “too” artistic. πŸ˜€ I like how it is coming out so far, and that means I do not have to a planner for the next school year. Maybe I’ll do a sunflower theme for a month!

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    1. Thank you soooo much, Heaven! Your comments are the sweetest. YAY! *more confetti* How are you liking the BUJOing? You should! Sunflowers are such fun to draw.

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      1. Aw!
        Doing the BUJO has been a lot of fun! I enjoy doing all the design stuff, especially because my sister and I got these super neat watercolor brush pens (very similar to Tombow, but you get more!), so it’s been fun experimenting with those. I also like that I can organize it the way I want. When I have looked for planners, they’re typically not set-up in the way I’d like (having the month split of by weeks and not just having the calendar). It’s nice that I can design the whole thing myself!

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  4. OH. MY. THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Sunflowers have been my favorite flower since like forever🌻 I really need to practice drawing them more!!

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