Warm Memories // some thoughts

Can you picture it?

A night where the moon bursts out beneath magnificent streams of still clouds.


A morning where the fresh cut grass sticks to your feet as you walk to the garden.

A night when you need a light jacket because of a hair-twirling breeze, but you have your bare feet out.


A day when you eat a sandwich up in a tree for no reason.

A morning where the sun’s rays are so majestic you feel you must take a photo with a camera that has held many a memory card in its life.


A night of warm weather sounds like frogs and cicadas calling to one another.

When you come in from being outside, not thinking you were sweaty from the heat, but a fan cooling your house is everything you didn’t know you needed.


I like those moments. They are almost here. Though, it feels vaguely quite. Vaguely still.

There may not be the getting together with neighbors and grilling and playing soccer until the stars are brightly shining, or the amazing, juicy watermelon eating in a family reunion, but maybe the stillness holds something good, too.

This upcoming season will be a lot different. But maybe it will be special in itself.


Though, strangely, it almost seems… okay right now. Is it a rest we needed?

If there’s one thing I’ve felt in this time we’re in, it’s calmness. I feel calm.

I know there’s strange stuff going on, and it’s very sad, but I think it might almost be a blessing we’re able to be in our homes. It gives us time to think. To be with God and strengthen our relationship with him.


Sometimes life can be crazy. Sometime you feel like you could use a break.

Now is a perfect time. We’re in for awhile, why not make the best of it?

The warm nights of shining stars, bright moons, dewy grass and dandelions are still coming, but this Summer may be different.. maybe.


I am thankful for technology (email, phone calls, etc.), and the mail (and blogging, of course!) to help us all stay connected.

We can still enjoy the warmth of the nearing season!


Have a wonderful day, and Happy Early Easter! He is risen!

ak signoff

Are any of those warm memories yours as well? How are you staying connected with your friends and family? Are you enjoying a bit of a rest from things? What are your quarantine days like?


21 thoughts on “Warm Memories // some thoughts

  1. Wow….beautifully written! You have a way with words, AK! This truly made me think, and you are so right! This is a great time to just focus on our relationship with God, and with our families. God bless!

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  2. Aaah, I cannot wait for those days to come! It sounds like such a refreshing season. 🙂 As of lately, I have been staying connected with friends and family through texting, emailing, and video chatting. I hope to mail some letters, too. ❤ Honestly, I have been enjoying this rest. Although not being able to go anywhere feels strange, it has allowed me to do things I normally cannot do or prioritize, such as spending extra time with God, blogging more consistently, taking more photos (I have been doing those things!!!), etc. I am very grateful for this time to be still!

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  3. Thank you! This is very encouraging. I hope you have a wonderful Easter! We are still staying connected with grandparents and friends. The break is nice. We can play outside more! Our days look like this: stay at home, go outside, and refresh our math.

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