Spring Photography // a collection of photos

Hey all!

I have accumulated many a photo lately, so I though I would share. I am not going to write much, I just thought I’d add all of these photos. (; I hope you enjoy!




Don’t you love golden hour? My favorite time to photograph.




Even weeds are beautiful in the right light.IMG_1071






The beginnings of Summer berries!







I hope you enjoyed! I know this wasn’t my usual post format, but sometimes change is good! I hope you are all well and safe!

ak signoff

Do you light photography posts? Isn’t golden hour great? What’ve you been up to? How is your Spring turning out?

26 thoughts on “Spring Photography // a collection of photos

  1. Oh my! Those photos are so beautiful!!! Now I feel I should go take some. πŸ˜€ I think it would be fun if you did more photography posts! I like them. Aaah, I know, golden hour is so great! It’s quite beautiful. Hmmm, Spring out here has been…interesting to say the least. The weeks have been alternating between sunny & hot, gloomy & windy (or semi-warm), and rainy days. It’s been kind of weird!

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    1. Thank you, Heaven! You should, you should! I love taking Spring photos. Oh really? Okay! Thanks for letting me know! Yes! Our Spring hath been the same, hot (95 degrees one day) and then rain, then sun, and today it’s 45 degrees again. O.o It’s so weird!

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  2. I love photography posts! Your photos are beautiful! I love the second picture from the top. The yellow flower one. My spring is going great. The weather is very nice.

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