A Few Words // Cassia’s Photo Contest! Day 1. // A tag from Clara


It’s actually cold. We’ve got the heat on. We set out the chipped pumpkin flower pot. And I’m wearing my yard sale striped bunny socks.

It must not be Summer any more.

Well, I haven’t done many posts where I’m just talking and talking for many a word until I say “I guess that’s good for now,” So Today’s The Day™. (Does it seem right that I just pictured myself as some sort of interesting looking superhero then? Teeheehee)



So, starting out, may I just say….

I’ve abandoned Inktober.

I know, I deserve the shaming shake-of-the-head, but it really wasn’t my thing, you know? The prompts just weren’t my style, aand I wasn’t really enjoying it like I ought. (Does the, “like I ought” strangely remind you of Little Women like it does me?)

I’m still drawing every day for the rest of this month, but the prompts are out the window and crushed under a moving car. (Wow, no need to be harsh, Audrey!) Anyway, I guess I’m still technically “doing” Inktober, but promptless.

I’m trying to get back in the rhythm of drawing more realistically, so I’ve been working on eyes. They’re a fun thing to draw and paint.


Yippee! Today’s the first day of Cassia’s photo contest, and the “prompt” today was door. Now, you wouldn’t believe the puzzle I had this morning taking a picture of doors. It was a fun challenge, though! Our door handles were a fun shape and color against our sage colored doors.





10 things that make me happy tag.png
From Clara’s blog. Cuuutteee!


Clara was so sweet to tag me for the “10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY TAG” and what better time to do it?

Rules: List 10 things that make you happy. (Linking to them, sharing pictures, writing poems about them, telling jokes, etc. are all encouraged but not required.) Then, tag 10 people who make you happy (and notify them of their tag).

No. 1: Maisy Lou Hoo (Maisy (: )

Maisy makes me so happy, when she’s jumping in the air, snoring, or ferociously biting my ankles (for fun, of course, I think… maybe…).



No. 2: Pen pals and letter writing.

Have you ever gotten a personalized, beautiful piece of mail? Whenever I make or get letters, I always am so happy.


No. 3: Music, both ways.

I play lots of instruments, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, and I love listening to music as well. I get moved by music. It’s such a wonderful thing!



No. 4: Teaching Music

I’m a piano teacher, and there’s something bout it that’s just so great. I love seeing my students progress and enjoy their playing.

No. 5: Bullet Journaling

Now, you people know me. I Bullet Journal, and It’s one of my very favorite things. The personalization of it is the best part, and they’re so effective and cute!


No. 6: Leaves

It’s that time of year! I LOVE Autumn and the beautiful leaves and pumpkins that are out.  The best part of the year!



No. 7: Puppies

Aww! Who could go wrong with puppies?


No. 8: Brush Lettering

This is something I’ve loved learning and it is so pretty. I love all the pens as well(:


No. 9: Pens + stationery

AH! How I do love these things. Pens have been my collection able items since Gel pens were the rage. (I still love me a good juicy gel pen!)


No. 10: Photography

I’ve been into this since I got my first dSLR camera, It’s so fun, the different varieties of things to photograph. I’m so glad cameras were invented, where would we be without them?


That was so much fun! Thank you, Clara!

Now for my tag-ees………











I hope you all enjoy! And if you were not tagged and wish to do this, feel free! I’ll enjoy seeing what makes you happy(:


So, life is busy. Does it seem like it just gets busier and busier as you get older? I know I’ve talked about this before, but time is such a gift. I’m putting some elbow grease into working on savoring every moment as I am now, a teenage girl.

Side note…


Sometimes we look forward to something and look forward to something, that we rush away the days that matter more. Now, that’s a bit extreme, but still, I remember times when I would be dying for Christmas to come, and Thanksgiving and things that mattered would be trampled under my Santa’s elf slippers. I mean, wow.

I even had a Rudolph costume, complete with a harness with bells and a red nose. Mmm. (Being ten, ya know? XD)

The remaining slice of October is quite jam-packed, but I like it.

I am doing a lot of school now that I’m in High school, but we still get up at the crack of dawn to go yardsaling on Fridays and Saturdays. Hey, it’s economics class! (:


Doesn’t it seem like the plural of “Moose” would be “Meese,” like “Goose” is “Geese?” Hmm.

I miss Morty the moose!

(from our trip out West)


The color is still here, but, luckily, its’ cool now. The mornings have been in the 40º’s!

Do you like cold weather?


Well, this is nearing 1,000 words, a length of posts I haven’t done in awhile, so this has been fun! Do you enjoy a variety of things in a post, or just one topic? I can’t decide. I think I like reading both.

What do you have coming up this week?

Look back for a few days to see my photography for Cassia’s contest. I’m looking forward to the different shots I’m going to take! It’s going to time out perfectly for some of the shots, we’re going to Peachtree City (near Atlanta) and Stone Mountain for the Country Living Fair (post coming!).

I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and I can’t wait to see if you’re doing the tag!

ak signoff

Do you like batman? Do you have striped bunny socks? What’s your favorite part of Autumn? Do you say “Meese?” Can you drive? 

P.S. Exactly 1,000 words!


10 thoughts on “A Few Words // Cassia’s Photo Contest! Day 1. // A tag from Clara

  1. MAISY IS ADORABLE. I love how she’s gazing thoughtfully out the window in the second photo! It was great reading your list of happy things. 🙂
    I definitely relate to this: “Sometimes we look forward to something and look forward to something, that we rush away the days that matter more.” That’s some excellent insight! Enjoying the present isn’t easy, but it’s definitely a very good thing to be striving after. 😀
    To answer your questions at the end… my opinion on batman is nonexistent, my life is sadly striped-bunny-sock-less, my favorite part of autumn is the wonderful weather, I will now refer to plural moose exclusively as meese, and I can drive. *gasps for air* XD This was such a fun post to read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WELL THANKS! Oh yes. about 90% of her time is looking out the window or sleeping.
      Oh I know, time is something hard to savor and take care of, sometimes. I know, Batman holds nothing in my heart either. WELL! You might just need some bunny socks, they’ll change your life! XD
      WHOA! I can’t wait to drive. ‘Tis right ’round the bend for me! Do you like it?
      Thank you for the deeeeelightful comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohh!! that is a lovely doorknob!! AHHH! Maisy is SO CUTE!! *squishes her* Yes. *nods* Music is awesome. 😛 That is so cool you teach piano!! How long have you been teaching? 😀 AHHH!! Your brush lettering is SO GOOD! *heart eyes* Those were some great things that make you happy! 🙂 YOU HAD A RUDOLPH COSTUME WITH A HARNESS, BELLS, AND A RED NOSE??!! Oh my goodness. That is so amazing. That is the best thing I have heard all day. XD Oh man! I have ALWAYS wanted to go yardsaling! May I ask, how do you know about yardsales? I can never find any around us. 😛 Yes, it should definitely be meese. Aww! Morty is so cute!! To answer your questions: I don’t have any strong feelings on Batman. XD I WISH I had striped bunny socks. But alas, no bunny sock here. 😦 My favorite part of autumn is how pretty it is and I love how cool it is!! I will start saying Meese today! XD Nope! I cannot drive, but I am learning! 🙂 That was an AWESOME post!! 😀

    -Laura ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! SHE IS…most of the time. XD
      I’ve been teaching since August(:
      THANK YOU! It’s so fun and enjoyable.
      Yes, I did indeed. eep. It was a… memorable Christmas. XD
      We go to craigslist and search Garage Sales, then we type in our area. Also the app NextDoor(: They’re fun! Come up our way, there are TONS.
      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed(:

      Liked by 1 person

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