Spring Hath Sprung! (-ish)

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Friends, How art thou?

Spring has kind of started to poke it’s little head out among the branches and grass around our home. I went out today in awe of the bright (cold) sunlight and greenery! It’s just so amazing. It’s been raining here off and on for, hmm, let’s check… 3 (LONG) WEEKS!? Okay, yep, time for Spring!

The rain has made everything look so pretty, and, even though it’s quite cold, I hopped on outside with my dear old camera ’round me neck!

Let’s go!

Also: I shall make a much longer Spring photo post soon when everything comes out, real time, for Spring(:

FIRST OFF: I had to stare in amazement at this crystal blue, cloudless sky before me. WOW! It’s been at least am month since I’ve seen one of those! There wasn’t a cloud there!


These little green buds are all about the trees and limbs. They’re such a cheery color!


AHH! Green leaves are my jam(:


Look at those trees! NOTE:

It does not feel like Spring, sadly. It’s about 45 degrees😫


The Bradford pear trees are starting to bloom as well. AHH! 🎶blue skies smiling at me thinking of blue skies all day loooong🎶


They haven’t quite opened up yet, but soon!





Heh, oops, I took a picture into the sun😟 It’s one of my favorites, though!


I love how they all bunch together. So cute!


A few days ago we went to Alabama for and event and to see family. Going past the ATL airport, I got this(:

p.s. The next few pictures are from Alabama.


These are the Bradford pear blossoms in Alabama.


HEHE! My friend’s sister’s dog, Zoe, wanted to be a model😁


We walked down a forest path♥


And by the time we came back, it was sunset time(:


That’s it, my friends! Thank you so much for reading!

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17 thoughts on “Spring Hath Sprung! (-ish)

  1. Looks like spring where you live is beautiful! I live in the city, so we don’t have many trees or blooming flowers to look at, sadly. And my favorite picture? Probably the clean, blue sky one.

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  2. Your pictures are so pretty!❤️ And the picture of the airplane is so cool! 🙂 I could never take a picture like that. 😦 It almost looks like it should be a cover for a book. Maybe one about an airplane crash or something. It’s both scary, and beautiful at the same time! Hey, speaking of book covers, do you take pictures for people to use maybe for there book covers, or blog header, or something. I need a book cover for my book. But I don’t have a camera (or the photography skills) to take the picture for it. If not, that’s okay, I was just asking. 🙂

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    1. Hey, Freedomchild! Oh, thank you! That one was a little hard to get, but I like it. Yes, something like that would be cool for a book cover! Well, I’ve never done one before but I’d like to try sometime(:

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