Savvy Minerals by Young Living Lipstick Review

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Hello, Friends!

Happy Valentine’s day! How was yours?

I have another Savvy Minerals review today! (And I know I used that picture on the last review, but it’s the same thing, so I’m using it again!😁)

My Mom and I have accumulated a few lipsticks and glosses from Savvy Minerals since we found out about them, and I have heard mixed reviews, so I shall now throw my input into the ring!


Savvy Minerals has many colors and different kinds of lipsticks (tangerine infused and cinnamon infused velvets). They have all colors for all types of skin tones and shades, and they also have glittery and matte (and in between!).


They last a long time on your lips, and they do taste good. (Have you ever gotten one and it just taste horrid?😫) I especially love the tangerine infused ones! (Shown)


They have a viewing section in the middle, where some lipsticks don’t, which is nice. I like to be able to see what color I’m getting!


The lipsticks themselves are a little dry, but they go on pretty smoothly, so it’s alright, but sometimes I have to put chapstick or lipgloss on top, or first, do make it not feel as dry.


My Mom likes darker, orange/maroonish colors, and I like pinks and soft peachy colors, (but not too pink) and Savvy Minerals offers a couple in those ranges.


They’re pretty natural, which is good. They have natural ingredients like Citrus oils, Beeswax, and Sunflower oil, others have Shea butter, Cinnamon bark, and Coconut oil. (But you don’t taste anything but the citrus/cinnamon oils, and they’re not very strong, which is good.)


The lip gloss is some of our favorite. It’s tingly, because the main oil in these are peppermint. They make your lips super soft, and I love it.


They are quite pricey, but for natural products, they’re decent.

The Tangerine infused lipsticks

The shades on skin are the same in the bottle, not darker or lighter, so you do get what you get.

The peppermint lipgloss

The lipgloss has a long bottle with a wand, and it lasts a long time.

The Cinnamon infused velvet lipstick

Savvy Minerals also has another kind of lipstick I haven’t tried yet. Maybe I will soon!


+Lots of colors

+Different kinds for different preferences

+Good tastes

+Goes on smoothly

+Last a long time throughout the day

+Layers well with lipgloss and chapstick

+Can be enhanced by lipgloss

+They hydrate your lips, not dehydrate.

+Chemical free. I feel like they nourish my lips, and not deplete them.


–More expensive than drugstore makeup

–Can feel dry without chapstick or lipgloss


I don’t really have another, so that’s it! They’re really good. Overall I give them a ♦♦♦♦½ rating. (Hehe, I know those aren’t stars, but my emojis weren’t working:) )




I really like their lipsticks so far, and I hope to try more Savvy Minerals products soon. Did you enjoy this review? Thanks much for reading! I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s day(:

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If you would like to learn more about Young Living and/or Savvy Minerals, go HERE. (:

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