A Few Small Works of Art

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Are you well?

I have been doing lots of brush lettering lately, from bullet journaling to envelope art, I’ve had my brush pens in hand a lot.

I love to make ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) to send friends in letters. They’re not really the same size as real ATC’s (2½” by 3½”), but that’s pretty much what they are. I like to make little things to send friends. Some of my friends send them, too, and it’s always fun to open up a letter and look at them(:


I’m not entirely fond of THIS one, but it’s OK.  I love this purple color, so you’ll see a lot of it(:


Writing in thick block letters in a light color, then going over top of it in brush script is probably one of my favorite techniques to use.

I also really like doing an ombré effect. (below)




I do these flowers (below) on my cards a lot. They’re pretty and fun to do.


That same technique. (And purple color!😂)


AUGH! More flowers and purple!! (Wow, I must’ve really liked them that day!)




I know this post was rather short, but I thought I’d share a little bit of art I’ve been doing of late! ATC’s are really fun to give and to receive, so if you’re sending a letter out soon, maybe send an Artist Trading Card!

Thanks much for reading!

ak signoff

Which ATC did you like best? Do you write letters? Do you like lettering? Would you like to see more ATC’s in the future?


16 thoughts on “A Few Small Works of Art

  1. The ombré effect is the best! Do you sell these? I would buy them, you have a true talent…they’re so…good!! ❤ If you do want to create a business I remember you said you liked my Entrepreneur series, you can look at that and get some tips, I can even help you design your site if you want. (Sorry, I'm not trying to be pushy, I'm just impressed!) ❤

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    1. Thank you! I like that one as well. Oh really? You would? Well, I’ve been thinking about and Etsy shop lately, and I have read your entrepreneur series, (well, the start of it!) and I can’t wait to read more on it! Thank you for the encouragement, I’ll definitely let you know if I start one!
      Thanks much for the comment!

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  2. Agg these are so pretty! And I saw Ariana’s comment, if you start up a site, I will certainly buy these! They’re so pretty 🙂 Maybe you could do some tutorials on here, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Christina!
      Really? Well, I’m deeply considering it, so and Etsy shop might be coming soon! Oh yes, I’ve thought of that. Thank you for the encouragement and input, I’m glad to have them!
      Thank you much for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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