Savvy Minerals by YL Makeup Review

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I recently got permission to wear a little makeup, and wanting to start with something healthy, we ordered from Young Living. I got some of their lipsticks, lip glosses, and blushes to try out. (But today’s just about blush:)) Let’s get on with it! Shall we?


I like most of their makeup I’ve tried. The blushes have a little sheen/sparkle in them, and I never liked the idea of being shiny. But these are alright! Not too sparkly for me. (They have some that are more sparkly, though, if you like that:))


They’re in powder form, meaning you have to dump some of the powder in the lid then swirl your brush in it. It can be a hair annoying, if you dump too much or not enough, or get the powder clumped on the brush, but it’s not too bad. I don’t mind.


They have a wide variety of colors, which is nice. I have pale (ish) skin, so I wanted to go for a light pink/rosy color. They only really have two in that color range, so we got them to test. I think the colors are good.


They go on pretty easily, but it takes a couple dips in the lid for me. (Probably because I think I’m always putting too much on my brush😂) I normally start at the apples of my cheeks and go mid-way up my cheekbone.


Hehe. Does this blush make me look funny?🤣


They give a nice amount of color, and can be layered very nicely with the Savvy Minerals foundation. My Mom layers the foundation, blush and bronzer, and they all look good together without being too heavy. They’re buildable, so you can get it as dark or light as you want.


I have the colors “Smashing” and “I Do Believe You’re Blushin'” (Hehe. I don’t know who’s on the naming committee for Savvy Minerals blush.🤣)


Well, I would say my overall rating for Savvy Minerals blush is ★★★★½. Some pros and cons are:


+They have nice colors

+They’re completely natural and chemical free

+They layer well

+They’re not too expensive

+They’re pretty easy to apply

+They’re non-toxic

+They have colors to fit all skin tones and types

+They’re light on your skin; you don’t feel cakey or greasy

+They’re forgiving and easy to take off. (I use witch hazel to remove mine, which is natural, and it also works well to clean your face:) )

+They last a long time

+They’re vegan friendly (if your vegan😀)

+They’re gluten free


– They’re more expensive than drugstore makeup

-You might need to touch up during the day

-Some of them are heavy on the shimmer (that is just my dislike😉)

– A little tricky to apply from lid

-They don’t pour out of the jar very easily (lots of tapping on the jar involved)

So, really, they’re pretty good! I think I’ll get them again, and I’m looking forward to trying out the foundation soon! I like their products, and look forward to experimenting with them.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked this review(:

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