2019 BUJO Setup, Day 2

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Photo Credit: Canva)

HI! *waves hand with a big grin*

Are you well?

I have my first couple pages of my Bullet Journal prepared! I’m excited to show you! I started out just writing my name. (I added my phone number later😊)img_8552

This is just my starter page, walking into 2019.



Now we’ll get on with it!

Okay, here is the first page of my new Bullet Journal. I always do this at the beginning of the month. I like to see everything that I have coming up laid out for me.


I’ve just started doing this “year at a glance” in this past year! I really like how they look. Here’s how to do it:

1) Draw two half-inch thick bars across the page, top and bottom of the page, looking like a floating shelf or something like that.


2) Draw two lines down the page, then do three lines across, creating twelve rectangles/squares. Draw the numbers of the days of each month inside the squares, along with the name of the month, all the way down.


It ends up looking really cute! I did this in pencil, for, well, I don’t know why! Hehe.

I highlighted holidays in blue, birthdays in pink, and events in grey. There’s a lot going on this year!


How do you like these designs? Did you like this post? Do you BUJO?

Well, come back tomorrow! 5 days left!

Have a 🎶woonndeerrffull ddayyy!🎶