Christmas Countdown, Day 9


Hello all!

Today is the, hmm.. let’s see, 14TH OF DECEMBER?!!??

WOW! How is it the 14th already? December is flying by!

Well, today the topic is… Events!

Today we’re going to see a play; “A Christmas Carol.” (Charles Dickens) It’s with our homeschool group. I’m excited! We recently bought “A Christmas Carol” Radio Drama from Focus On The Family so we can know what the story is, so we’re not lost in the story of the play(:

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we go Ice Skating for my Brother’s birthday.

Also this year we’re doing a dessert party/gathering for the neighborhood around us(: We’re going to make lots of desserts, have coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Do you do any Christmas Events? If so, what?

Drop by again tomorrow!



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