Chalk-painted piano transformation

Chalk-paint piano transformation.png


I have played piano for almost eight years now, (7 of those years was out of tune) I never really cared much about how the piano looked, as long as it played. When we moved into our new house my Mom noticed how, let’s just say, “well loved”


It was. The move, crammed in a storage unit for a year didn’t do it much good. It was also  a very dreary brown, too. Every time my Mom would mention painting it, I turned it down because I was so scared. What if something went wrong? Nothing could be worse than chalk-painting your piano keys!


My Mom mentioned it a lot and I started noticing it a lot, how bad it was. I looked at a few tutorials to see how hard it was. The chalk paint seemed like a great idea. You don’t have to sand with chalk paint, which was great. We were at Home Depot and we passed the paint, and we went for it. My Mom got me a paint brush and we went home, I taped ‘er up, and started painting.


The taping was the scariest part. You can see here that my taping around the keys was not great. (After I took this picture I taped the whole keyboard) The paint I used was:

“Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra-matte paint” The color was Aged Grey. I remember they had other colors like, Charcoal, White, and Cream. It only took one 30oz. can for the whole piano, with some left over.


I did the bench first. If I hated it, I could always paint it another color, which, eventually would be fun to do!


Slowly it came along. I did the majority the first evening. The other thing I liked about the chalk paint was how fast it dried, and how it wasn’t as strong as some of those other paints.


Taa-daa! Finished! Done! I like the way it turned out. I only gave it a second coat in some large places. It definitely isn’t perfect, but it is much better.


It really brightens the room up from before. One thing I worried about with the chalk paint was if it would change the sound. Luckily, nothing changed.







Thank you so much for reading! Let me know below what you think! I hope this helps for anyone who is looking to do the same to their piano.

Bonjour bloggers!

~the Junebugblog

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