Art Day!

Art Day#8-2

Well, Hello!

It has been quite the long while since I’ve posted! a bit over a month! Oh dear. Well, anyway, I remembered about Art day, but I never ended up doing it, but I thought today would still be fine. Let’s call it fashionably late, shall we? (:

I’ve been doing a good bit of watercolors lately. I stumbled across a store that sold watercolor brush pens, (the kind you fill with water) so I’ve been testing it out a good bit. I hope you enjoy!


This was the first thing I did when I got the brush. This one was sort-of a tester.


(Sorry for the wonky lighting) I’ve seen this little saying on a lot of things lately, Door mats, Cups, Bags, Bracelets, lots of things, so I thought it might be fun for these flowers.


This one was is one of my favorites. I think I like watercoloring loose flowers/leaves type things so far. Does anyone watercolor? do you have any ideas for my next project? Let me know in the comments(:


This is the brush pen I have. it’s called a water-in watercolor brush pen, and it says it has a medium tip. I think you can get them off of Amazon and places like that.


This was the next thing I did. This is what Cinderella’s mother’s line from the real-life Cinderella movie. I painted the wreath on canvas so I could put it in my room.


It blended pretty well with my typewriter. I’ve said before that I write letters back and forth to friends, so sometimes I use the typewriter for letter writing(: Soon I am planning to do a room and/or desk tour, so you will most likely see this soon.


I was thinking of quotes for art, and my Mom reminded me of this quote: “the earth laughs in flowers” by Mary Oliver. I painted this and added that quote. This was one of the first watercolor paintings I’ve done without the paint bleeding. What do you think?


I have seen people doing these little circles recently, so I thought i’d give it a try! This circle is about the size of the palm of your hand.


This is a glimpse of my *well loved* watercolor palette(;


This is part of a Psalm that I though would fit nicely with the flowers.

Ugh. I know this is a poor amount of art for a month away, but that is all I have this time. I will (most likely) have more on Saturday(; Thank you so much for reading!

Bye for now,

~the Junebug blog



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