Some different things

Hello there! How is everybody? Well, today is Saturday, the day that is (supposed to be) Art Day, but I haven’t been doing any Art this past week, (we’ve been quite a busy family) So I just have some random photos to share! I hope you like it!


I’ve been noticing a lot of spring coming onto our road, and I noticed that these clovers were very green. I was using my new Lens (read about it HERE) to get a close-up.


Here are some more. (:





Here are some photos of our extremely curious three chickens, Skeeter, (red) Abeline, (dark Grey) and Minnie (light Grey). They were curious to see what I was doing. (:






Don’t you just love moss? I think it’s rather ‘purty.



This is definitely random! This is the old plow we have, I thought it looked cool.


We’ve had so much rain this month, so our creek activated! (if you want to see more about that, click HERE) I went back there today, the sun was finally breaking through the clouds, so it was perfect lighting for the creek! We have many ferns growing throughout our woods. These happened to be in the creek.


It has gotten quite a bit shallow since my last post, sadly. I like it!


We have tons of briars along the creek, quite painful ones at that… (:


YAY! I love this picture! This is a fern, with a spiderweb, with water on it! ♥


I Love this one, too! This is just a spiderweb. I love the water droplets.


The sun’s reflection. (:


I don’t know if you can see this that well, but this is a Robin washing it’s self in the creek across the fence.


There he (or she) is after it’s bath. If you zoom in, you can see how wet it is!


This is the path up to where the large pool of water sometimes is. (you can also find that HERE)


You can definitely tell there was water here. I will say, as fun as it is to walk in the pool, It really helps growth when it’s gone. There’s a ton of new grass where the water was. We’re going to scatter (or plant) wildflower seeds back here. Oh, I can’t wait until they bloom! (Hopefully) It will be like walking through a sea of flowers. But we probably need to do it, first. ((:


I had thought I heard a woodpecker when I was walking around, and, sure enough, this little guy was pecking away above my head!


You can see the new grass growing here.


We have a lot of sprouts coming up all around our house. It’s so fun to see everything start growing!



We’ve also had quite a few critters roaming around the woods.


This looks like a raccoon or something like that. I guess they come from deep in the woods to get water. We hear Coyotes right outside our windows most every night. It’s really eerie to hear. I didn’t see any dog-like tracks, though, so they must not come through our part of the woods much.


Deer tracks. We see quite a few deer around our home.


I love seeing all of the buds and new growth! This is off of some young trees in our backyard.


This is the deepest part of our creek. I thought it was pretty with the leaves.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed seeing the latest photos i’ve taken! New posts soon! ~theJunebugblog





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