Woods, Rain and The Moon

Woods, Rain and the Moon.png

Hello there! We’ve had lots and lots of rain latley, and there was a full Moon about a week ago, and I have pictures of all of it(: Enjoy!


This is kind-of a strange way to start a post, but it’s a mossy tree stump by the creek(:


The creek. this is my favorite place to take pictures – especially when the water’s running.  This was the water going under the fallen tree.


There’s a very large tree right a the main part of the creek and there was a little waterfall (above) going over the stump. It sounded so pretty! comment below if you love the sound of a babbling brook, too!


More trickling water.


The water isn’t all that clear, but isn’t this pretty? I love the reflections. I was actually in the creek. Probably not the best thing to do when recovering from the Flu, but it was fun(:


I thought this was cool. My reflection in the water.


This was a random photo I got through the trees on Manual mode. (Bokeh!)


I love this photo. The ferns Flowing through the stream, the cool water, I don’t know. But I do know it looks peaceful!


My brother, the whole three hours we were out there he was trying to build a dam. You can see that… I think he was trying to make a dam and then clean out around it, then knock it down. It didn’t really end up working. (:


This is one of the main parts of the water, The main part where it flows. It’s actually raining right now, so you might see another one of these posts soon!


This is that stump again. I just love that it’s a teeny waterfall.


This is another waterfall area. It’s really pretty to listen to.


This is a little mossy place next to a big pool of water (next photo). I loved the little mushrooms and moss.


This is the big pool of water. As you can see, my shadow is small compared to it, and it’s about a foot and a half of water in the deepest part. It’s fun to walk through. (well, in the winter, in rain boots(: )


I was stepping through it here. It’s like a miniature lake!


This is the deepest part of the pool. I think, (all of these photos were taken yesterday) that the creek and pool of water are probably huge now because it’s poring rain. Yay! more photos to come. (most likely)


I love the reflections in the water of the trees. (whoa) We have an interesting area: A Farmhouse in the middle of a field in front of some woods, by a lake(; haha!




We have a small swing in the woods. (not a extremely safe one, though) we enjoy riding on it at times.


Hehe. I was on it(;

Now,  the Moon.


We had a full Moon on the 31st as you probably know, and I was really excited to get some pictures of it!



I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading! If you want to check out my most recent Art Day post, click HERE. Bye!




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