Art Day #9


Hello there! How is everyone today? Sorry i haven’t posted in a while, or made a Art day post in a while, Me and my Mom have had the Flu): But, luckily we’re better now. (Everyone: WASH YOUR HANDS! Use hand sanitizer! The Flu is awful.) Okay! Well, I was pulling out my watercolors yesterday and I never really know what to do with watercolor, because I’m still learning all of the techniques you need to know, but yesterday I was reminded of Rosemary because of our rosemary hand soap. I know, kind-of strange, but I was, and I thought I might give watercolor painting Rosemary a try! And, then I started going into painting all kinds of Fruits and Veggies and Herbs. Enjoy!


Okay. This is the first one I painted. The Rosemary. It doesn’t 100% look just like rosemary, but I like how simple it is. I decided it needed a little somthin’ somthin’ so I added it’s name at the bottom.


Then came Lavender. I can’t tell you how many times I painted this! (well, actually I can, It was 6 times😁) It wasn’t that I couldn’t get the painting right, I kept spelling it l-a-v-e-n-d-A-r, Instead of l-a-v-e-n-d-E-r. But I finally got it(:


I Love the Radish’s. (I painted two) I don’t know why. The other one is my favorite one, though. (Below)


(Sorry this is a different background, I took the picture of this last night) This is the other radish. I think I like this one more because it’s blended at the bottom of the stalk. Comment below which radish is your favorite!


(This was also last night) This little watermelon took a few tries, too. But I like how this one turned out. (:


This is a little acorn I did. My Mom said I might should do some according to the seasons, so I did an acorn.


Here is a little Lemon and Lime I did. (Sorry it’s a little hard to see) I think the Lemon turned out fine, but I was having a little trouble with blending the Lime…


Yay! Pineapple! I love Pineapple! I was so sad that the “e” got smudged, because this one was my favorite until that happened. But it’s still cute!


This little Cherry, poor little Cherry, all alone); I realized afterwards that cherries normally come in bunches, So I will have to fix that, but this little lone cherry is pretty cute.


Little Mushroom! I like how everything turned out with it. I can never tell if it will turn out or not, but I definitely think this little guy did!


This little Potato didn’t turn out quite right either. I just now realized that it’s one “o” for a singular Potato and it’s Potatoes for multiple. Hehe. Whoops!


A little Bell Pepper.


My Mom eats lots of beets around our house and I thought It would be cute to do one!


A little Vidalia Onion. I don’t know why but I completely changed the complete font than the others only on this onion. hmm…


A Cucumber. A simple little Cucumber.

Well, That’s all I’ve done this week. I hope you enjoyed this post! Bye!



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