Art Day is here again!

Well howdy-do! How’s everyone here today? It was really strange, Yesterday it was about 60° and then about 5 o’clock it dropped, drastically, to about 35°. Not just the plain old 35°, the windy kind. It’s still like that now. I don’t hate it, but I’d much rather there to be snow with it!(: comment below if you agree.

well, today is Art day, the Saturday where I post all my recent Art. Here is my Art!


This is one of my recent lip drawings. I like these because they are more at an angle. The shading around them is a little smeary, though, I’ll work on that soon. It’s funny how when you upload a picture you see everything you could update. Haha(;


This is my first (successful) drawing of teeth. I think I like how it turned out. It’s actually trickier than I thought. But that’s what’s fun!


This was a quick eye sketch I did. I think the iris turned out pretty well.


These are just regular lips and the way that sit on a face with no smile or anything. Which lips do you Ike best?


This is another quick little eye drawing. This one looks more like an eye with makeup.


I did this basic little painting of phillipians 4:8 with a floral background(ish).


I took a few photos of the painting process but these two (this one and the one below) are of my brother.


I do believe he was painting a Fox.


I did this watercolor of this bouquet but I thought it needed something, so I added some of the things I like but it seems a wee be odd.


I did this verse in my gold oil pen. This one is now displayed on my bookshelf.

This next thing were some step by step photos I took along the way of this drawing. It didn’t turn out great, but I though since I took the photos, you might like to see!

It starts out as a head shape.






Then I did the outlines and such.


Ha! This looks so funny!
This also looks very funny!
Here I darkend the lips/shaded  them.
I added some little spheres for earrings.
Here I outlined the hair.
here I started shading in the hair.


Violá! Finished! It could be better, but it’s okay for now! That’s it for art day, write y’all soon! Thank you for reading!

~the Junebug blog

which would y’all like to see next? lots of photography, my bedroom tour, or my desk tour? I’ll give y’all 5 Days to decide. It will probably be a Wednesday or Thursday post. Bye!