Oh, dear. What a long one!

Well, Hello there, bloggers!

Did you all have a dandy New Year (five days late)? I did! Well, today I’m posting some photos i’ve taken, Art day, a movie and song(s) recommendation, And, well, that’s it, but it’s still going to be a long one. (don’t be surprised if I throw in some other things, too.) Haha. Well, On with It!

Now first I have something to show you. (!!!)


I Got a new lens for my Camera!!! I’ve been looking at this lens for a while now, and I have been saving for it and I was able to get it! I’ve had the 18-55mm lens since I got my camera a year and a half ago and now this one is 75-300mm. If you are looking for a new canon lens I recommend this one. The only thing about it is that it doesn’t have image stabilization, so you can’t shake, but other than that it’s great!



This was so exciting!


Ah, there I’tis. I thought It was funny that I was photographing a camera lens(:


Well now, these are some photos I took the night I got it. I learned how to take a picture of the moon that day. I love that you can see the craters in it.


I am soon going to get a picture of a full moon! I don’t know when that is, though. let’s see… it says that the 1st of January was the Wolf moon and the 31st is the Snow moon. so I’ve got a while.


This is a little succulent plant we have on the kitchen sink. I thought the lighting at that moment looked very pretty and white.


This was so peppermint Hot Chocolate I made yesterday.



Comment below if you love peppermint. ♥


Maisy. Maisy loves to look out the window. (you can see my reflection)


Oh! she got a haircut. I like her fluffy more, but it was getting a little over-grown…


Look very closely here. There are two eyes and a nose and fluff. Can ye see it? (Heehee)


This is my neighbor’s little puppy Blue. (He lives at the home where we used to live, across the street. you can read about that in about.) I’m pretty sure he’s 6-8 months old. Isn’t he cute?


Look at that face!! he really wanted to play with us.



He’s looking off into the far, blue, distance. (Haha)


Look at his collar! So cute.


This was a very poor drawing of a treble clef, and I can do much better. Hehe. I’ll set a reminder to do a better one next Saturday. But still, I like the tiny notes. colored pencil is a working progress for me. Haha!


This is the most written verse for me. I love how you can do a variety of different lettering. I’m just now realizing it’s crooked. Hmm…


I was testing out a few colors and came out with this. I’m still learning the basics of watercolor still. One day I’ll get it! hehe. I really like it! Does anyone have any recommendations for good watercolors?


This is a little drawing of a violin/Viola that I was playing around with. I like how it turned out. The only thing is, I don’t play Violin/come around them much, so I’m not exactly sure if this looks right. Tell me what you think. (:

Well, I guess that was all the art I had this week. I’m going to start a new schedule where I’m going to draw twice a day every other day so i’ll have more!

Now, Movie and song(s) recommendations. Have any of you seen “the Greatest Showman”?  I believe It came out the 20th of December. We went and saw it last night and we LOVED i highly recommend it. I’ve been listening to the songs all day. It’s about P.T. Barnam and how he started the circus. There’s a lot of awesome dancing  and singing in it. my favorite songs are: “Never Enough”, “This is me”, and “From now on”.

Well, Thank you for reading!





3 thoughts on “Oh, dear. What a long one!

  1. Im going to seeThe Greatest Showman soon! I love watercolor pencils the are very nice and you draw with them like regular pencils and put water on it

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