Some late Autumn photos

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by! Today I’m going through my fall photos that I haven’t used yet. I just realized that I had a lot (:


This was the absolute last flower I could see throughout my whole yard. It’s a pretty one, isn’t it? I wish I knew what this was. I really need to do some research on my plants. 😅


This is my next door neighbors horse. I’m pretty sure his name’s Bruno.



A Coyote track in the mud. We measured it and I’m pretty sure it was 3-5 inches.



I Love this picture.  It leads in the place I like: The woods(:



And lastly, Me holding my Camera in a mirror. This one is so cool. I like how it turned out(:

Sorry for such a short post! Thank you so much for reading!




















Art Day! (a late one, that is)

Whale hello there!🐳 (Sorry. had to get that out😂)

Yesterday it completely slipped my mind that it was Art Day. Well, anyway, today i’m doing it and next Saturday I will (hopefully) remember. My home page says 22 days until Christmas is here! how exciting! This last month, November, seems like it flew by for me, that’s probably how December will go, too. Does anyone have snow yet? I doubt anyone in Georgia or the states around it do. It’s been only chilly here. I’m hoping for a white Christmas this year. I’ve only ever witnessed two.

Well, first i’ll show you art, then some other pictures(:


I have an old copy of Nancy Drew and I thought the silhouette of Nancy was really neat, so I drew a fast sketch of it. Does anybody read Nancy Drew? I read them a few years ago and liked them.


a few nights ago when we were watching a movie, (probably a Christmas one) I thought the tree looked very pretty so I drew a sketch of it.


When I left my Art Class we all were assigned to draw a still life. I decided that Ornaments would be nice. This one is a little rough because I was rushing, and for the background I decided I would do some Cross-hatching. I shouldn’t have😐


This is the one I’m most proud of. Normally, I can’t get my spheres right. This is about as close as i’ve come.

Sadly, this is all I have for art. We’ve been so busy this past week I didn’t really think about it.

Now I will show you some other things.


This was yesterday when I was eating lunch and I thought the Sink with the sun coming through the wreath was really pretty(:


With my Lunch yesterday I was eating Raspberries and found this one. It’s a perfect heart!


It tasted good, too. (:   The Christmas tree bokeh!!   (:


Yesterday I was playing Piano and thought the lighting was very nice, so I took some photos! Does anyone play Piano? I started when I was five(:



I love this one(: ↑



Well, that’s it for today. I will ((try)) to remember Saturday Is Art Day from now on.

Thank you for reading! ~theJunebugblog

May the God of hope bring you joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with the hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13