Christmas Photos + What I Got For Christmas

Merry Late Christmas! Today I thought i’d post my Christmas goodies I gratefully received. How was everyone’s Christmas? Did anyone have a white Christmas? we almost did. We got some (sad for us) non-sticking snow on the 27th. ugh. But, they’re calling for snow showers this Sunday, I believe, so, yay!

I don’t want anyone to think of this as bragging, I just want to share with everyone all of the gifts I received. I am so greatful for all I got.

Now, Here ’tis!


This was our Christmas Tree on Christmas morning, before we started opening gifts. My parents had to get ready for the day (much waiting) so I took that opportunity to take some photos.


The presents under the tree!!! fun! We tried to go with a plaid theme this year. (which, sort-of worked)


This was our Advent Calendar showing that it was the 25th. We found this Calendar at a garage sale earlier this year and we’ve finally gotten to use it!


Our Stockings. We have them hanging until this point, but somehow I touched them and they fell off. ): Oops!


A few moments after Destruction…




Oh dear.😳


These were some Candy Canes from our stockings. I don’t know why but I really like this picture. I guess it’s the lighting. (: I love some good lighting.

Okay, let me jus take a minute to show you how naughty my puppy is. Naughty! On Christmas! Ha. She apparently thought the Laundry was a good place to chew her new chew stick (mouth).


I really like this picture. It’s of our wreaths out front. I love the detail. you know how there are those certain pictures where you do one of those proud nods… (hehe)


This was an overview of everything That I got.


The First thing I opened was this storage box that is from Kate Spade originally. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly to do with it, to put my older drawings, letters, art supplies, ETC. (Comment below any ideas you have!)


You can see the pattern a bit better here. These colors are a bit unusual for me, so I really like that it’s something different.(:


My friends and I write letters to each other, so my mom got me these cute note cards. Someday I’m going to work at my watercolors and create something like this. (I can’t guarantee that, though(;)


My Mom and Dad gave me these Staedtler™ hand lettering markers. they’re not quite a brush pen, but they’ll do a really good job!

they have a thin and thick side and they have tapered edges. (you can tell by the stains on my finger that I enjoyed them! heehee)


My Brother Evan gave me these two packs of washi tape. (Look at the Cameras and the music!!♥♥♥)


And I got some more(: If anyone have any craft Ideas for washi tape, comment below! I normally use it to double seal letters.


My Dad gave me these cute socks. (sorry it’s a little classy with the rug); )



This is from the Clementine Paper company™ I’m looking forward to using this in the car when I’m drawing.


YAY! This was probably one of my favorite things. My new camera strap! I had the plain black one that says “Canon”. my Daddy got me this(: ❤


(sorry for the odd quality photo) YAY! I am really, really excited about these. When I cut Fabric for sewing I used paper scissors, which you should never do, but we didn’t have sewing shears, so that’s what I had. But now I got some!! yay!


I’m so grateful for everything that I got and love everything. I hope you guys enjoyed!

Happy (early) New Year! bye! ~theJunebugblog

Comment below one of your favorite things that you got(:


5 thoughts on “Christmas Photos + What I Got For Christmas

  1. I hope you had a very merry Christmas i think you could use your Kate Spade box for coloring supplies or cards that you’ve gotten or that you haven’t written. But that is just my point of view. Hope to see you very soon
    Your friend,


  2. I’ve heard that a lot of people use washie tape for like say you got a picture or a poster and you tape i tup with wash tape. Savannah uses it for decoration to spell her name above her bed.


    1. Oh, Yeah! those are good ideas because Washi tape doesn’t pull paint off the wall. 9for the most part) thanks!


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