Another Short Story

once there was a girl named Dakota. Here father was a wealthy man who owned a company. Her mother had died when she was a mere baby and Dakota hardly remembered her. She rarely saw her father, For he was far to busy with work for her. She wished dearly to see him, even to know him. Whenever he was home he would go and lock himself in his chamber. She had a governess, and she had teachers come to her home.

she was never allowed out, except with her governess to shop for new dresses or new supplies for her lessons, other than that, she was indoors all the time. It wasn’t good for her, for she’s was pale from no play nor sun. After her horrid lessons, where she was disciplined every time she made a mistake, she would  perch on the window ledge and watch the village children play. The girls played dolls and the older girls went on picnics and strolls in the summer; the boys swam in the creek in the Summer and played jacks. Oh how she longed to be one of them. All she had to do was do her study’s or go to the nursery to read. Because these were the only things she had to do, she loved to read. She read all sorts of things, and she couldn’t get enough of it. But one thing she watched the most was a older man who slept on a bench across the street. He probably lost his job. She felt so sorry for him. One day she was going to ask her governess, misses Bernstein if they could take him some food, but she scolded her and said “girls are supposed to be seen, not heard. You need to learn to hold your tongue around adults.” That was actually the first time she tried to talk to misses Bernstein.

“I Guess I won’t try that again.” Thought Dakota.

One morning before her lessons, she was combing through her curly hair and she noticed something sticking out of her bureau/vanity that was her mother’s. Why had she not noticed this before? Hmm.. well, of course she was going to see what it is! She walked over to the bureau and tugged at it. It was paper, and it looked  like a letter, multiple parchment  letters. She managed to get them out. She read the first one:

    Dear John,    March 27th, 1915

Hello. Yes, I’m doing fine. Dakota is growing up fast. She’s crawling now. When will you come home? We miss you. She doesn’t know you yet. She needs her father. Come home. 

  Your loving wife, 


Was this letter talking about her? It would make since for, she was born in November of 1914, but was this her mother? She read the next one:

Maude,    April 14th, 1915

Hello. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. The war is hard. I wish I was home with you and Dakota. Tell me, how is she doing? Is she getting big? I don’t know when I will be back. Just pray for me.

your husband, John.

She scanned through the rest of the letters, there were 7 in all, until she found one that caught her eye:

Dear John,    January 3rd, 1916

John, I am sick. I need you Home. The doctor said it is scarlet fever. Dakota is one now and I can not take care of her for, the doctor said to stay in bed. I feel awful. I had to get a governess, a older lady named Flora Bernstein, for our darling daughter. I’m afraid she is not treating her as I would, sadly. 

,John, I’m not doing well, I overheard the doctor talking to Bernstein and he said this is going to end badly for me. Come home so I will feel at ease. Love,         

Your wife Maude and baby Dakota.

that was the last letter. What could she make of this? She didn’t know her father was in the war and she didn’t know her mother had scarlet fever. It made her get teary eyed to think of her mother and father away from each other. Is this why here father was so gray? She had only one thing to do: go see him. He was home now for it was after supper. She walked down the hall past three doors until she came to the fourth one. Knock knock                                         “Who is it?” Said her father. “Father, sir, it’s Dakota” the door opens and she sees her father. “Dakota! Come in.” He sat down on the footstool in the corner. “What is it you needed?” “Father, I-I found these letters stuffed in the panel in my bureau. I didn’t mean to pry, but I read them. They’re from you to mother back and fourth, until in the last one, well..”. “You’ve found them! The day I came back from the war, your mother was dying. She started to tell me about them until she started coughing, the doctor said I should leave, and when he came back out, well, he way pale. She had gone. I never found out where those letters were. You were sleeping the time this happened. You were a tiny baby then. You would have loved your mother, as I did.” He sniffed and Dakota saw a tear slip down his solemn face. “Father, I’ve longed to know you for as long as I can remember, you, you never really came around. I was very curious about these letters.” Said Dakota. “*sigh* I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. Your mother’s death brought me down all these years, I wanted to be with you I just did not know if you would be upset with me. I’m sorry, Dakota.” “Father! I’m so happy to be talking to you, finally. All these 12 years!” “Haha! Is there anything you would like or, or something you need?” Said her father. “Well, Father there’s a man across the street that is freezing out there in the cold, we have lots of spare bedrooms, and it is three days until Christmas, could we-“ “I know exactly what you are thinking. Of course we can.” Said her father. “Oh, father really? Thank you! Thank you!

That was the Merriest Christmas she could remember.

The End.

Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s 11 hours until Christmas! Bye! ~theJunebugblog (p.s this was 1050 words. (The story))

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