Art Day!

Aloha! Bonjor! Hello! Welcome!

Today is Art Day again! Can y’all believe Christmas is in less than 48 hours!!? (Well, it is here, anyway) is everybody excited? I’m already charging my camera for it! Hehe.

(Can anyone help me think of a better name than “Art Day”? I feel like it’s a little bland🧐)

Well,I’ve been doing Art a bit more than the previous Saturday’s. (Sorry about those, last week I think I only had two!☹️)

Here it goes!


I really like these. I wish I had made a face to go above them!!


I love hand lettering bible verses. This one could use a redo, but it’s okay…


This is what became of the horses. I like it. I’m not a very big horse person, so I didn’t really know what a horse really looks like…


This was extremely fast and simple, but I like that🙂 it was a quick hand lettering practice.


This is a line from the song from Charlie Brown, “Christmas time is here”. I’m just now realizing that I didn’t finish this! 😬


Well, that’s all the Art for now, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope y’all have a wonderful day! Bye! ~theJunebugblog