My first short story! (On a blog)

Hello everyone! I’ve always loved to write short stories, and I love to read them. I was thinking of a new (Christmas) one and thought, “hey! I should put this in my blog!” Well, I am! Hehe, here it goes!

 Giving Christmas

”Gracelynn! Eli! GRACELYNN! ELI!” Gracelynn heard her mother calling from downstairs. Why was mother getting her up so early? “Yes?” She said groggily. “What time is it?” Gracelynn and her brother Eli were homeschooled, but they never got up when the stars were still out! “It’s 3:30” 3:30? That was strange. She had gotten up that early before only once, when she was sick. She sure wasn’t sick now! “Gracelynn! Eli! Have you forgotten? We’re going to help out at the Salvation Army for those in need in Cleveland at 8.” Oh. Yeah. Salvation Army. Gracelynn was not looking forward to this. She wanted to stay home and sleep. She heard Eli getting up and brushing his teeth. She got up, even though she didn’t want to. She got ready. She went downstairs to eat before they left. “How long of a drive is it?” She asked. “About four hours, more or less.” Said her father. “Why do we even have to go?” Asked Gracelynn. “Gracelynn, you know we’ve been planning on working at the Salvation Army with our church since September. I wish you would think about how much we need to help those people!” Said her Mother. “I guess so.” Gracelynn Said. They got ready and ate in silence, her family thinking of how fun it would be, and Gracelynn thinking of how much she did not want to go.


They got got out of the car about 41/2 hours later at the Salvation Army headquarters in Cleveland at 7:30. Gracelynn, Eli, and they’re Mother and Father got out hauling they’re bins of supplies needed to serve food to the people. Gracelynn didn’t pay attention until she saw a woman who was about 30 holding a baby and two young children clung to her dress. She felt sorry for them. The two young children’s clothes were thin and threadbare, the baby was wearing a onesie that was to small and the mother was wearing an old dress. Right then Gracelynn felt so ashamed that earlier she was so selfish. They all walked in. “Breakfast starts at eight” Said the group leader of they’re church, Ms. Allen. They all walked toward the door, got they’re name tags. “Ms. Allen said to go to the meeting room, that’s where we’re to work.”

The time flew serving the massive lines of people, but to Gracelynn, it felt like mere minutes! When they left the Salvation Army, the long trip home didn’t feel like that long.  When Gracelynn got in bed the same time she had gotten up, she fell asleep thinking over all that had happened that day, and she was Very glad she went, and couldn’t wait until next year to do it again!


How was that? Did you like it? I find those short stories very fun(:

Should I do more in the future? Please let me know! Thank you for reading! Bye! ~theJunebugblog