some Christmas gifts

Hello! Merry Christmas! it’s in… 7 DAYS?! WOW! that’s here before we know it. (really)

Always, on the Sunday before Christmas, we go to my Uncles House and all of the family gets together and we exchange gifts. I got Art supplies and I thought y’all might like to see!


This is an overview of it all. (Please don’t think i’m bragging)


I got this really cute sketchbook that says “Sketch”. (I think she said all this was from Hobby lobby)


This is the inside. I like that it’s the full length of a ruler so you can draw whatever your heart desires!


I got some Artist pencils. I got the Royal™ Graphite pencils, 3H, H, HB (I use HB most), 2B, 5B and 6B. and some erasers.



A Ruler. I like that this is clear so that you can see what you are measuring!(:

IMG_5041.JPG Colored pencils! I’m excited about drawing with color! (coming soon!)


A pencil case.


I’ve put it to use! I like that it’s clear.


The pencils came with some tips and tricks for shading and lighting.


It also came with a template for horses. Comment below what you think I should draw next! Thank you for reading! ~theJunebugblog