Christmas Photos + What I Got For Christmas

Merry Late Christmas! Today I thought i’d post my Christmas goodies I gratefully received. How was everyone’s Christmas? Did anyone have a white Christmas? we almost did. We got some (sad for us) non-sticking snow on the 27th. ugh. But, they’re calling for snow showers this Sunday, I believe, so, yay!

I don’t want anyone to think of this as bragging, I just want to share with everyone all of the gifts I received. I am so greatful for all I got.

Now, Here ’tis!


This was our Christmas Tree on Christmas morning, before we started opening gifts. My parents had to get ready for the day (much waiting) so I took that opportunity to take some photos.


The presents under the tree!!! fun! We tried to go with a plaid theme this year. (which, sort-of worked)


This was our Advent Calendar showing that it was the 25th. We found this Calendar at a garage sale earlier this year and we’ve finally gotten to use it!


Our Stockings. We have them hanging until this point, but somehow I touched them and they fell off. ): Oops!


A few moments after Destruction…




Oh dear.😳


These were some Candy Canes from our stockings. I don’t know why but I really like this picture. I guess it’s the lighting. (: I love some good lighting.

Okay, let me jus take a minute to show you how naughty my puppy is. Naughty! On Christmas! Ha. She apparently thought the Laundry was a good place to chew her new chew stick (mouth).


I really like this picture. It’s of our wreaths out front. I love the detail. you know how there are those certain pictures where you do one of those proud nods… (hehe)


This was an overview of everything That I got.


The First thing I opened was this storage box that is from Kate Spade originally. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly to do with it, to put my older drawings, letters, art supplies, ETC. (Comment below any ideas you have!)


You can see the pattern a bit better here. These colors are a bit unusual for me, so I really like that it’s something different.(:


My friends and I write letters to each other, so my mom got me these cute note cards. Someday I’m going to work at my watercolors and create something like this. (I can’t guarantee that, though(;)


My Mom and Dad gave me these Staedtler™ hand lettering markers. they’re not quite a brush pen, but they’ll do a really good job!

they have a thin and thick side and they have tapered edges. (you can tell by the stains on my finger that I enjoyed them! heehee)


My Brother Evan gave me these two packs of washi tape. (Look at the Cameras and the music!!♥♥♥)


And I got some more(: If anyone have any craft Ideas for washi tape, comment below! I normally use it to double seal letters.


My Dad gave me these cute socks. (sorry it’s a little classy with the rug); )



This is from the Clementine Paper company™ I’m looking forward to using this in the car when I’m drawing.


YAY! This was probably one of my favorite things. My new camera strap! I had the plain black one that says “Canon”. my Daddy got me this(: ❤


(sorry for the odd quality photo) YAY! I am really, really excited about these. When I cut Fabric for sewing I used paper scissors, which you should never do, but we didn’t have sewing shears, so that’s what I had. But now I got some!! yay!


I’m so grateful for everything that I got and love everything. I hope you guys enjoyed!

Happy (early) New Year! bye! ~theJunebugblog

Comment below one of your favorite things that you got(:


Another Short Story

once there was a girl named Dakota. Here father was a wealthy man who owned a company. Her mother had died when she was a mere baby and Dakota hardly remembered her. She rarely saw her father, For he was far to busy with work for her. She wished dearly to see him, even to know him. Whenever he was home he would go and lock himself in his chamber. She had a governess, and she had teachers come to her home.

she was never allowed out, except with her governess to shop for new dresses or new supplies for her lessons, other than that, she was indoors all the time. It wasn’t good for her, for she’s was pale from no play nor sun. After her horrid lessons, where she was disciplined every time she made a mistake, she would  perch on the window ledge and watch the village children play. The girls played dolls and the older girls went on picnics and strolls in the summer; the boys swam in the creek in the Summer and played jacks. Oh how she longed to be one of them. All she had to do was do her study’s or go to the nursery to read. Because these were the only things she had to do, she loved to read. She read all sorts of things, and she couldn’t get enough of it. But one thing she watched the most was a older man who slept on a bench across the street. He probably lost his job. She felt so sorry for him. One day she was going to ask her governess, misses Bernstein if they could take him some food, but she scolded her and said “girls are supposed to be seen, not heard. You need to learn to hold your tongue around adults.” That was actually the first time she tried to talk to misses Bernstein.

“I Guess I won’t try that again.” Thought Dakota.

One morning before her lessons, she was combing through her curly hair and she noticed something sticking out of her bureau/vanity that was her mother’s. Why had she not noticed this before? Hmm.. well, of course she was going to see what it is! She walked over to the bureau and tugged at it. It was paper, and it looked  like a letter, multiple parchment  letters. She managed to get them out. She read the first one:

    Dear John,    March 27th, 1915

Hello. Yes, I’m doing fine. Dakota is growing up fast. She’s crawling now. When will you come home? We miss you. She doesn’t know you yet. She needs her father. Come home. 

  Your loving wife, 


Was this letter talking about her? It would make since for, she was born in November of 1914, but was this her mother? She read the next one:

Maude,    April 14th, 1915

Hello. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. The war is hard. I wish I was home with you and Dakota. Tell me, how is she doing? Is she getting big? I don’t know when I will be back. Just pray for me.

your husband, John.

She scanned through the rest of the letters, there were 7 in all, until she found one that caught her eye:

Dear John,    January 3rd, 1916

John, I am sick. I need you Home. The doctor said it is scarlet fever. Dakota is one now and I can not take care of her for, the doctor said to stay in bed. I feel awful. I had to get a governess, a older lady named Flora Bernstein, for our darling daughter. I’m afraid she is not treating her as I would, sadly. 

,John, I’m not doing well, I overheard the doctor talking to Bernstein and he said this is going to end badly for me. Come home so I will feel at ease. Love,         

Your wife Maude and baby Dakota.

that was the last letter. What could she make of this? She didn’t know her father was in the war and she didn’t know her mother had scarlet fever. It made her get teary eyed to think of her mother and father away from each other. Is this why here father was so gray? She had only one thing to do: go see him. He was home now for it was after supper. She walked down the hall past three doors until she came to the fourth one. Knock knock                                         “Who is it?” Said her father. “Father, sir, it’s Dakota” the door opens and she sees her father. “Dakota! Come in.” He sat down on the footstool in the corner. “What is it you needed?” “Father, I-I found these letters stuffed in the panel in my bureau. I didn’t mean to pry, but I read them. They’re from you to mother back and fourth, until in the last one, well..”. “You’ve found them! The day I came back from the war, your mother was dying. She started to tell me about them until she started coughing, the doctor said I should leave, and when he came back out, well, he way pale. She had gone. I never found out where those letters were. You were sleeping the time this happened. You were a tiny baby then. You would have loved your mother, as I did.” He sniffed and Dakota saw a tear slip down his solemn face. “Father, I’ve longed to know you for as long as I can remember, you, you never really came around. I was very curious about these letters.” Said Dakota. “*sigh* I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. Your mother’s death brought me down all these years, I wanted to be with you I just did not know if you would be upset with me. I’m sorry, Dakota.” “Father! I’m so happy to be talking to you, finally. All these 12 years!” “Haha! Is there anything you would like or, or something you need?” Said her father. “Well, Father there’s a man across the street that is freezing out there in the cold, we have lots of spare bedrooms, and it is three days until Christmas, could we-“ “I know exactly what you are thinking. Of course we can.” Said her father. “Oh, father really? Thank you! Thank you!

That was the Merriest Christmas she could remember.

The End.

Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s 11 hours until Christmas! Bye! ~theJunebugblog (p.s this was 1050 words. (The story))

Art Day!

Aloha! Bonjor! Hello! Welcome!

Today is Art Day again! Can y’all believe Christmas is in less than 48 hours!!? (Well, it is here, anyway) is everybody excited? I’m already charging my camera for it! Hehe.

(Can anyone help me think of a better name than “Art Day”? I feel like it’s a little bland🧐)

Well,I’ve been doing Art a bit more than the previous Saturday’s. (Sorry about those, last week I think I only had two!☹️)

Here it goes!


I really like these. I wish I had made a face to go above them!!


I love hand lettering bible verses. This one could use a redo, but it’s okay…


This is what became of the horses. I like it. I’m not a very big horse person, so I didn’t really know what a horse really looks like…


This was extremely fast and simple, but I like that🙂 it was a quick hand lettering practice.


This is a line from the song from Charlie Brown, “Christmas time is here”. I’m just now realizing that I didn’t finish this! 😬


Well, that’s all the Art for now, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope y’all have a wonderful day! Bye! ~theJunebugblog

A very Cinnamon-y Christmas Tradition

Well, hey there! How Y’all? Well, in the 1st-2nd-3rd weeks of Christmas A tradition we have is to make dozens and dozens of Cinnamon Rolls and we give them away. (We use the Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Roll recipe) My Brother Evan and I were making with our Mom. I was photographing at the moment, Evan was slicing, and my Mom was making a new batch, and I was frosting them(:




My Brother cutting the Rolls.


Evan was ferociously shaping the log😆


This is one pan finished. (well, not fully finished, they still have to be cooked and iced/frosted)




These (and the ones below) are the risen ones.



These are kind of mesmerizing, aren’t they?


This is the Cinnamon Sugar that goes in the middle of the rolls.


This when I put them in the oven. The funny thing is, they only take 10-12 minutes!         (I think)



Well, that’s all for Cinnamon Rolls. But remember that horse outline I got? I finished it. this is what came of it:


This was the outline.


This is before full shading.


I was using an “H” for this part.



Here I was using my blending stump. (If you don’t have on of these for Art, you really need one. I LOVE them)


This is almost finished. I’ll take a picture on Art day of the finished product.

Bye! Thank you for reading! ~theJunebugblog

My first short story! (On a blog)

Hello everyone! I’ve always loved to write short stories, and I love to read them. I was thinking of a new (Christmas) one and thought, “hey! I should put this in my blog!” Well, I am! Hehe, here it goes!

 Giving Christmas

”Gracelynn! Eli! GRACELYNN! ELI!” Gracelynn heard her mother calling from downstairs. Why was mother getting her up so early? “Yes?” She said groggily. “What time is it?” Gracelynn and her brother Eli were homeschooled, but they never got up when the stars were still out! “It’s 3:30” 3:30? That was strange. She had gotten up that early before only once, when she was sick. She sure wasn’t sick now! “Gracelynn! Eli! Have you forgotten? We’re going to help out at the Salvation Army for those in need in Cleveland at 8.” Oh. Yeah. Salvation Army. Gracelynn was not looking forward to this. She wanted to stay home and sleep. She heard Eli getting up and brushing his teeth. She got up, even though she didn’t want to. She got ready. She went downstairs to eat before they left. “How long of a drive is it?” She asked. “About four hours, more or less.” Said her father. “Why do we even have to go?” Asked Gracelynn. “Gracelynn, you know we’ve been planning on working at the Salvation Army with our church since September. I wish you would think about how much we need to help those people!” Said her Mother. “I guess so.” Gracelynn Said. They got ready and ate in silence, her family thinking of how fun it would be, and Gracelynn thinking of how much she did not want to go.


They got got out of the car about 41/2 hours later at the Salvation Army headquarters in Cleveland at 7:30. Gracelynn, Eli, and they’re Mother and Father got out hauling they’re bins of supplies needed to serve food to the people. Gracelynn didn’t pay attention until she saw a woman who was about 30 holding a baby and two young children clung to her dress. She felt sorry for them. The two young children’s clothes were thin and threadbare, the baby was wearing a onesie that was to small and the mother was wearing an old dress. Right then Gracelynn felt so ashamed that earlier she was so selfish. They all walked in. “Breakfast starts at eight” Said the group leader of they’re church, Ms. Allen. They all walked toward the door, got they’re name tags. “Ms. Allen said to go to the meeting room, that’s where we’re to work.”

The time flew serving the massive lines of people, but to Gracelynn, it felt like mere minutes! When they left the Salvation Army, the long trip home didn’t feel like that long.  When Gracelynn got in bed the same time she had gotten up, she fell asleep thinking over all that had happened that day, and she was Very glad she went, and couldn’t wait until next year to do it again!


How was that? Did you like it? I find those short stories very fun(:

Should I do more in the future? Please let me know! Thank you for reading! Bye! ~theJunebugblog


some Christmas gifts

Hello! Merry Christmas! it’s in… 7 DAYS?! WOW! that’s here before we know it. (really)

Always, on the Sunday before Christmas, we go to my Uncles House and all of the family gets together and we exchange gifts. I got Art supplies and I thought y’all might like to see!


This is an overview of it all. (Please don’t think i’m bragging)


I got this really cute sketchbook that says “Sketch”. (I think she said all this was from Hobby lobby)


This is the inside. I like that it’s the full length of a ruler so you can draw whatever your heart desires!


I got some Artist pencils. I got the Royal™ Graphite pencils, 3H, H, HB (I use HB most), 2B, 5B and 6B. and some erasers.



A Ruler. I like that this is clear so that you can see what you are measuring!(:

IMG_5041.JPG Colored pencils! I’m excited about drawing with color! (coming soon!)


A pencil case.


I’ve put it to use! I like that it’s clear.


The pencils came with some tips and tricks for shading and lighting.


It also came with a template for horses. Comment below what you think I should draw next! Thank you for reading! ~theJunebugblog

Art Day!

Hi there! how is your Christmastime going? Can you believe it’s in eight days?! I don’t have barely any Art this week, but i’ll share the three I do have this week!


Of course I drew a present! the angle of this is strange. (sorry about the odd lighting)


This is what we drew for our last Art class, bock letters!


and, then, an eye(:

I’m sorry for such a short post! thank you for readin- well, I guess, looking!

Bye! ~theJunebugblog




Art Day!

Hello there! wasn’t the snow exciting? It’s ended here now, Sadly):

Well, today, as you know, is Art Day, The day when I post all my recent Art. (: I Have only a few this week, though.


Well, I’ve been practicing my spheres and cones for a while and I decided, well, a snowman is all spheres and the hat and nose are cones, so why not!


I was drinking Tea the other day and thought the cup looked very draw-able, (is that a word?) so I drew it! It’s a little crooked up top, though…






Hello! Last night, right before we went to bed, we heard that a Cold Front was coming through. It’s been moving through the Texas-Louisianna-Mississippi-Alabama area and is now in north Georgia! It’s started at 7 a.m this morning and is supposed to end that time tomorrow morning. Snow and leaves are my FAVORITE so I will be posting a few times today(: Since It just started two hours ago, it’s not really covered, but it’s still really pretty(:

I woke up really early this morning because it had barely begun to snow and I was REALLY Excited😂


This is right when I got up. If you look into the left side you can see the movement of the snow and you can see the dusting on the ground.


You can see the Snow pretty good here.


Isn’t this cool? It’s no filter. If you have snow (if you have a camera) Turn the setting to Tv which means Adjusting the Shutter speed to make your object look (top↑) still or to capture motion blurring. I love it for snow or rain or for birds, ETC.



This was really early. (probably 6:30-6:45-ish) you can tell because it’s dark(:


I was walking Maisy when I took this one. OH! by the way, Maisy  LOVES  the Snow. when I took here out (while I took this picture) she was rolling around like crazy😄


Our house in the Tv setting.


You can tell how fast it’s going here.


I love this picture. It captures exactly what you think it would look like.






Well, that’s all the pictures of snow I’ve taken so far, I’ll probably post again today.

Tomorrow is Art day! Come back! Thank you for Reading! Bonjor!

Bye! ~theJunebugblog