Art! and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello! Warning: this is possible to be a very long post. (:

Well, today we had a frost. (again) two nights ago we had a power outage because  of high, high winds and heavy rain, and then yesterday was freezing (I think the high was 49°😮) anyway, on top of all that we had a frost this morning and it was so pretty I couldn’t pass up taking a picture(s).IMG_4670


The shingles look so pretty in their blanket of frost.


Okay. So I’ve been drawing a lot lately, and I’ve decided that once every, umm, maybe Saturday I would post what I’ve been drawing. (I’ll decide what day later) It’s not Saturday, but I’ll still show you some art and crafty things I’ve been doing. well, here ’tis!


To start off, I’ve been doing a bit of sewing and made this cute lined pouch that I’ll probably use for a pencil case. (I’m still learning how, and as you can see I’ve forgot to iron😬 Whoops!)


The inside↑



As for drawing, One of my favorite things to draw (as of now) are lips. These are just the natural way that they sit on your face. They got a little smudged /:


These are just some random different eyes.


This one is my favorite. I Seem to draw eyes a lot now. I know not why. You can draw eyes anyway you want, with as little to much detail you want. I guess that’s why. (:


I drew this little quote that says “Bloom where you are planted” with a sunflower. (sorry it’s a little hard to read)


I really like these. They look very puzzled or focused


I copied an old Mason jar with my pearls hanging out of it. I should draw another one of these in color. This was a blue Mason jar, so it might be very pretty! (you might see that soon)


These are some of my favorite art tools. I took pictures while I was drawing earlier. I Hope you enjoy!


I highly, highly, highly recommend this gold opaque (they have them in many colors) lettering paint marker (whew) from Walmart. I use it to letter a lot. It’s so much fun to use.


And Gel pens. Who can go wrong with Gel Pens?

What I’m drawing below is Proverbs 15:15 “For the Happy Heart life is a continual feast”. I thought this was perfect because Thanksgiving is 3½ days away and, as we all feast on Thanksgiving, this was perfect!


I’m starting off with this purple/brown color.



Now the Oil Paint pen. The color is so shimmery! (you can’t really tell here, though)


Now I used this Velvet/Rose color for “Heart”.


I did the Purpley color again.


Then I Slanted “Continual” (on purpose) with the gold paint pen.


Then I did “Feast” In a Orange/Red color and “Proverbs 15:15” in just regular pen.

Now to decorate!


I hope you enjoyed!

Bye! ~thejunebugblog