Autumn! and some sad news..

Hello dear readers! How are you? are y’all liking the extra hour to sleep? I am!

Earlier (Like, ten minutes ago, at ten) I went out and snapped some photos! in lower North Georgia we’re just at our peak of color. I have a Cold, so the Vitamin D felt good(: our woods are very vibrant this week. (luckily for me and my camera (; )

Ah, But first, my breakfast! I made the perfect vanilla cupcakes from Life Love and Sugar. (That’s actually the title) There were DELICIOUS. I highly recommend them. The blog is called:


I Also had tea, because of this cold, I needed some Ginger tea.


My cupcakes have gotten a little disheveled since Saturday ): (I took these photos on Monday, so they were still good) but they still tasted good! I love cupcakes. I’ve made them a few times recently. They’re great!


Here’s the evidence that I enjoyed it.


My tea looks like coffee. I don’t drink coffee. 🤣


Here’s my woods out back. They’re so beautiful! this is without a filter. It’s so majestic.



This is the old bridge out back, Well, when I say old, I mean, two weeks. None of these have filters, although this photo would look very pretty with one.


I don’t know what’s with me and my shoes. 😁 Haha! It does look pretty cool.


I love this picture! It’s so pretty!


The leaves are so colorful this time of year! I wish they were like this all the time.(:


This was my favorite leaf. It was the most vibrant. I’ve decided to start a journal that wherever I go this fall I will get a leaf and put it in; then when I’m older I can look back!


Aww! look at this lil’ guy!


I thought these were really pretty. I love the Red and yellow ones.



My brother and I are building a sort of canopy-ish fort out back. It’s unfinished, but you can get the idea.



Look at all the color behind my house! I can’t get enough. Some of the trees are already bare! It seems like it took sooo long to get here, but it’s going really fast! I guess that’s what it’s like when you wait and wait for something, and you really enjoy it, then It’s gone. Then you look forward to it again!


Well, look at that! Maisy. I wonder where she came from…


She thought I had a treat for her. 😆 (I get kind of overwhelmed by her cuteness when I give her treats, and she ends up getting more than I indented(; that’s why she always follows me around!🤣 )



And now the sad news…




My Chicken Ophelia, (top) suddenly died a few days ago ): She was about a year and a half old, not old enough to die from old-age. It is very sad.

I went out yesterday to gather the eggs and noticed she was abnormally still. I called my brother and we pulled her out of her laying box and buried her. We don’t know what happened.


My brother and I made her a cross and put her name on it.

We will miss you Ophelia. You were a good chicken.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! ~Audrey Kate/theJunebugblog




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