Art day! Christmas time is here!

Hello! So i’ve decided that every Saturday I will be doing my recent drawings post. (Please tell me below what I should call it!) So, Today’s Saturday, so I’m posting! I only have four drawings since the last time I posted some was four days ago…

Anyway, I’ll start off with the pictures I took from thanksgiving. (I’m sorry it’s a little late/: I forgot to post on Thanksgiving)

But I thought this was hilarious of Maisy!


My brother put this bandanna on her and took this picture. It cracks me up!! She looks like she’s asking for help in her mind🤣



This was the table setup we had. It was chilly Thanksgiving, so the sun coming through the window felt nice. See the hay in the Vase? That’s hay!




Mashed potatoes! YUM!


HAM!!! This was right after my Dad took it out of the Oven and cut it. Comment below on what your favorite Thanksgiving food is. Mine are Corn Casserole, Turkey, and Sweet Potato Casserole.



And our “Give Thanks” Banner. That’s all I have on thanksgiving. Right after I took these photos, everybody arrived.

Now I have Christmas Photos! After everyone left, we went to get our Christmas Tree! Most everywhere was closed, except for Belk and Target and all that because of Black Friday, but eventually we found a little tiny Tree stand on the side of the road that had some. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures at the place, but I took some when we got home!


The Christmas tree after we finished it.


This is the whole living room decorated. I’ll get a picture soon with a Fire in the Fire place!


The mantle. I Love stockings! the solid Red one is mine. (:


Our Small Christmas tree. In our diffuser we have going: Young living Clove oil, YL Cinnamon bark oil, YL Cedar wood oil, and YL Blue Spruce oil. If you have a diffuser you should try it, It smells very Christmas-y.







And Maisy’s new best friend is the Christmas tree. When we got her, (Dec 17th, 2016) When she was four week old, she slept under the Christmas tree. The day we took down the Christmas Tree, she kept sleeping where it was. She missed it, but now it’s here again!   This is the exact place she was when she was little. I’ll do a comparison of her last year vs. this year later on this next week.


This is the house with Wreaths on it. You can (vaguely) see the Christmas tree in the window.


Well, That’s all I’ve got on Thanksgiving and Christmas, Now for the drawings!


First, The butterflies. (Sorry about the crease in this, It got folded over in my sketchbook)



I just did this one. It’s got a little Christmas in it(:


Then I also drew this tiny sewing machine.

Well, Got to go! Thank you for reading! ~thejunebugblog


Art! and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello! Warning: this is possible to be a very long post. (:

Well, today we had a frost. (again) two nights ago we had a power outage because  of high, high winds and heavy rain, and then yesterday was freezing (I think the high was 49°😮) anyway, on top of all that we had a frost this morning and it was so pretty I couldn’t pass up taking a picture(s).IMG_4670


The shingles look so pretty in their blanket of frost.


Okay. So I’ve been drawing a lot lately, and I’ve decided that once every, umm, maybe Saturday I would post what I’ve been drawing. (I’ll decide what day later) It’s not Saturday, but I’ll still show you some art and crafty things I’ve been doing. well, here ’tis!


To start off, I’ve been doing a bit of sewing and made this cute lined pouch that I’ll probably use for a pencil case. (I’m still learning how, and as you can see I’ve forgot to iron😬 Whoops!)


The inside↑



As for drawing, One of my favorite things to draw (as of now) are lips. These are just the natural way that they sit on your face. They got a little smudged /:


These are just some random different eyes.


This one is my favorite. I Seem to draw eyes a lot now. I know not why. You can draw eyes anyway you want, with as little to much detail you want. I guess that’s why. (:


I drew this little quote that says “Bloom where you are planted” with a sunflower. (sorry it’s a little hard to read)


I really like these. They look very puzzled or focused


I copied an old Mason jar with my pearls hanging out of it. I should draw another one of these in color. This was a blue Mason jar, so it might be very pretty! (you might see that soon)


These are some of my favorite art tools. I took pictures while I was drawing earlier. I Hope you enjoy!


I highly, highly, highly recommend this gold opaque (they have them in many colors) lettering paint marker (whew) from Walmart. I use it to letter a lot. It’s so much fun to use.


And Gel pens. Who can go wrong with Gel Pens?

What I’m drawing below is Proverbs 15:15 “For the Happy Heart life is a continual feast”. I thought this was perfect because Thanksgiving is 3½ days away and, as we all feast on Thanksgiving, this was perfect!


I’m starting off with this purple/brown color.



Now the Oil Paint pen. The color is so shimmery! (you can’t really tell here, though)


Now I used this Velvet/Rose color for “Heart”.


I did the Purpley color again.


Then I Slanted “Continual” (on purpose) with the gold paint pen.


Then I did “Feast” In a Orange/Red color and “Proverbs 15:15” in just regular pen.

Now to decorate!


I hope you enjoyed!

Bye! ~thejunebugblog



Autumn! and some sad news..

Hello dear readers! How are you? are y’all liking the extra hour to sleep? I am!

Earlier (Like, ten minutes ago, at ten) I went out and snapped some photos! in lower North Georgia we’re just at our peak of color. I have a Cold, so the Vitamin D felt good(: our woods are very vibrant this week. (luckily for me and my camera (; )

Ah, But first, my breakfast! I made the perfect vanilla cupcakes from Life Love and Sugar. (That’s actually the title) There were DELICIOUS. I highly recommend them. The blog is called:


I Also had tea, because of this cold, I needed some Ginger tea.


My cupcakes have gotten a little disheveled since Saturday ): (I took these photos on Monday, so they were still good) but they still tasted good! I love cupcakes. I’ve made them a few times recently. They’re great!


Here’s the evidence that I enjoyed it.


My tea looks like coffee. I don’t drink coffee. 🤣


Here’s my woods out back. They’re so beautiful! this is without a filter. It’s so majestic.



This is the old bridge out back, Well, when I say old, I mean, two weeks. None of these have filters, although this photo would look very pretty with one.


I don’t know what’s with me and my shoes. 😁 Haha! It does look pretty cool.


I love this picture! It’s so pretty!


The leaves are so colorful this time of year! I wish they were like this all the time.(:


This was my favorite leaf. It was the most vibrant. I’ve decided to start a journal that wherever I go this fall I will get a leaf and put it in; then when I’m older I can look back!


Aww! look at this lil’ guy!


I thought these were really pretty. I love the Red and yellow ones.



My brother and I are building a sort of canopy-ish fort out back. It’s unfinished, but you can get the idea.



Look at all the color behind my house! I can’t get enough. Some of the trees are already bare! It seems like it took sooo long to get here, but it’s going really fast! I guess that’s what it’s like when you wait and wait for something, and you really enjoy it, then It’s gone. Then you look forward to it again!


Well, look at that! Maisy. I wonder where she came from…


She thought I had a treat for her. 😆 (I get kind of overwhelmed by her cuteness when I give her treats, and she ends up getting more than I indented(; that’s why she always follows me around!🤣 )



And now the sad news…




My Chicken Ophelia, (top) suddenly died a few days ago ): She was about a year and a half old, not old enough to die from old-age. It is very sad.

I went out yesterday to gather the eggs and noticed she was abnormally still. I called my brother and we pulled her out of her laying box and buried her. We don’t know what happened.


My brother and I made her a cross and put her name on it.

We will miss you Ophelia. You were a good chicken.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! ~Audrey Kate/theJunebugblog