Beach trip photos!

Over the last six day we went to Destin, FL. (near Panama city) It was really nice. I only took my camera to the beach once, but I took a lot of photos(:

The pictures that I’m about to post are from the Topsail Hill Preserve State park by the beach. (I think it’s between Destin and Rosemary beach) It was so pretty! you walk about a mile or so then you come out to about three miles of just beach- no high-rises, Shops or Restaurants, just beach. They have (I think this is what they said) 10-25 ft. Dunes! It was pretty cool. If you ever go that way defiantly go. The walk that we went on took you through a Pine, Palm and Mangrove tree forest. It’s a Bicycle, Pedestrian and tram trail. We walked up and rode the Tram back. Well, I’ll stop talking now. Here are the photos!


This was a flower along the path.


The sky was really blue that day. This isn’t a very good picture, but I really needed to take a photo of that sky!


I don’t know what this was. (I need to do some research on my plants!) It’s not golden rod. But I thought I was really pretty.


This was one of the pines along the path. They are quite Majestic.


This is what the path looked like. I could’ve stayed there all day. In the lakes along the path they had Alligators😳 (I’m not a fan) They also had Florida black bears. We luckily missed these animals.


The whole walk looked like this. The bird songs were so very pretty during our walk. Every inch (until you got to the beach, that is) looked like this.


This is where the water runs through to a lake. Look at those Palms!


Here are the Dunes. It doesn’t look like it, but that one was probably 9-12 feet!


On the boardwalk! There was nobody (except us, of course) at this particular beach that day. It was so nice! if you every go, try to go in October. It was perfect weather.




Here lies the Sea!


We didn’t find any shells at this beach, but at the beach where we stayed we found 5 or so sandollars! We got up and went to the beach around 6 A.M. every morning and would find 1 or 2 sandollars and TONS of shells.


Three of the days were Red flag, two were Yellow, and one was Green. The best day was the last day of Red flag, when my brother and I went Body-boarding. It was really fun because the waves weren’t quite as ferocious as the days before.



This looks like a painting, doesn’t it?


The water was warm from heating over the summer! This was the third day we were there, one of the Red flag days.


That’s it for now, I hoped you enjoyed! If you’re ever in Florida definitely go to Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. It was probably my favorite thing other than the beach and the shops at Rosemary beach and the Seaside shops. Thank you for Reading!

                        ~Audrey Kate/theJunebugblog


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