Well, Hello there Autumn!

This Morning I was walking outside to put a letter in the Mailbox, And a very cold pleasant sensation was in the air. I bet it’s 50° outside. Brrr. Although, my brother and I really should get out there with our Kites. It’s quite windy, and today would be a great day for that. Anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures from just a few moments ago, while the white dew was still on the Autumnal leaves that have fallen.




First thing this morning I let my chickens (from left to right) Skeeter, Minnie, Abeline, and Ophelia out to peck the early morning worms out of the grass. Ophelia (far left) looks very proud and noble today, doesn’t she?


Ophelia again getting her (not appealing to human appetites) breakfast: Worms and Crickets./: It’s kind of fun to watch Chickens do their thing; somehow it’s slightly peaceful.


One of the few pretty fall leaves. It’s Kind of sad; The Leaves in this part of Georgia don’t really have that much color. They just seem to wither and fall. (Is that why Autumn is sometimes called fall? because of the leaves?)


Hay from the field next-door. I love how Orange-Brown colored it turns in Autumn.


The Hay Field next-door. Hay bales are on of my favorite sights to see. My brother and I both love to jump on them. We made up a game that you have five seconds to run to the next closest Hay Bale. Usually, we can only do about three(:



We have this old, Rusty plow that is very photogenic. Whenever I take pictures of friends they sit in this.

That’s it for know, Thanks for Reading! ~Audrey Kate/theJunebugblog



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