A Hike into Nature

Hello! Earlier we went on a lovely Hike to the top of a mountain, through the forest, past the creek, and back down. My Legs are sore now. (; I couldn’t not take my Camera!

We’ll start of with a flower, because that’s how all good things start(:


I see these little purple daisy-like flowers a lot. Does anybody know what they are? that way I could address them a little more formally. (;


The Morning dew glinting off a newly made web. Luckily for me the spider who occupies this web was out! (I don’t like spiders, but their webs sure are pretty!) Speaking of spider webs, this urges me to make a book recommendation: Charlottes web. It’s so good.(:


People on the Trail make these little towers about every ten or so feet. Aren’t they cute? This one was about a foot tall.




Here’s some moss. You just can’t go wrong with moss. This was the softest, memory foam-ish moss. (you will most likely see lots of moss photos on this blog. It’s my go-to.(:



Leftovers of a dandelion. (Well, i think it’s a dandelion:/) they all looked like this. Perfect Photo prop!


I have absolutely no clue what this is. It was everywhere on the trail, so of course I took a picture! I call it WISPIES. Sounds like something out of a comic!



A close-up of some pine. Pine smells so good and christmasie. Overtime I smell it i think of christmas.🎄


Another flower. This was the only one of these during the whole hike. All good things end with a flower too.



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