My favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello! This is going to be a short post, but I had to share this!

Life in Grace, One of my Mom’s favorite blogs, has the best ever Chocolate Chip Cookies.

🍪                                                                🍪                                                                          🍪

Here’s the link to her blog:

She has other great recipe’s, also! And Great bullet journaling ideas. Be sure to check those out, too!



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Fall, Y’all!

Hello! Yesterday we went to the mountain Apple Orchard and pumpkin patch.  I was excited to take my camera for photo opportunity’s. Here are some photos of the Apple house:


Man. Now I’m hungry. Don’t those look good? These were picked by their volunteers not an hour before I took this photo.


YUM. (the camera lens I put on was weird yesterday)


This was a Butterfly right outside that I couldn’t resist taking a picture of.

Here Is the Pumpkin Patch. (Sorry I didn’t have that many photos of the Apple Orchard!)


These were the early pumpkins. There were tons, I mean TONS  more. Aren’t they quaint?


These little guys are my favorites.😉


Look at the Pumpkin bokeh! All the white ones are my favorites.


The Creek beside the growing punkins’.

That’s it for now! Thank for reading! ~AKB/theJunebugblog


Return home, little flowers!

Have you ever thought about how years are for flowers? Well, they aren’t. I mean, most flowers last about 2 weeks – 3 months. When we go along and pick them up, imagining we’re Princesses from long ago and make a Crown of the little yellow Daisy’s that were so very happy growing in the field. Or gathering a bouquet of Babies Breath and Morning Glories for your Grandmother, we don’t think of how happy they were.

This was in Cades Cove National park in Tennessee, in a creek.

We enjoy them for a while, but when they’re mostly wilted and brown, not at all looking like those happy, joyous things we picked not three days ago, we toss them out. The breeze and birds and squirrels picks them up and lays them down, while we’ve already long forgotten them. Then the crumpled brown flowers lie there. Then a while later we come by and see a cluster of white flowers, we pick them, again not thinking of how happy they were in there home.


After they’re old and tired, we throw them out again, to return home (Although we don’t think of it like that), to grow beautiful again. No, flowers can’t live years. Years are a series of minutes to flowers, most nature, too. I’m not saying don’t pick them, just don’t throw them away. Let them return home, all those little daisies and Blue bells, Enjoy them, but let them return home and grow beautiful again. ~AKB/theJunebugblog

This was in my Friend’s flower pot.
This was also in Cades Cove National Park
This was at the Atlanta History Museum.
This was the very first Photo on my Camera.

Thanks For Reading! ~AKB/theJunebugblog

Some Drawings

These are some drawings I’ve done recently. The two people drawings are some off Pinterest that i’ve seen before, but i added my own twist to them.




This is one of my own. I Love to draw eyes. This was one I did about six or so months ago.


This is also my own. (Sorry about the bad lighting in this photo, It was night)



This was one that I saw, but I added watercolor. I did ballet, so It’s fun to draw/paint the moves I did.


This was also one I saw. I Play Piano and I take art class. My Art teacher plays Violin, and this is a drawing, so this was perfect for her!

What is Your favorite thing to draw? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll try to draw it!

                                   That’s all for now!

~the Junebug blog


Autumn Leaves are Falling

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I am a lover of all things Fall, Flowers, and Cameras.

Here you will find Photographs of Nature and Regular things; DIYs, Art/Drawings, and a lot of others.

I have a Canon Rebel T5, Which I got last year.

I also take Photos of Dolls, because they’re great models.

I don’t know if I already said it, (I did) but I _LOVE_ Autumn, and Autumn is… in Two Days! (expect LOTS of Photos) Here are some Pictures!


The very first Red Leaf! I Also Love Bokeh.📸


The Last Summer Roses. It’s So sad to see them go! ‘Tis the last Rose of summer left blooming alone; All her lovely companions are faded and gone; No Flower of her kindred, no Rosebud is nigh, to reflect back her blushes, to give sigh  for sigh. The Last rose of summer by Thomas Moore.


A silent Hanglider. Oh, so peaceful.


This is my Favorite Photo i’ve taken. The first batch of Golden Rod. (BOKEH!!)


This is my Puppy, Maisy. In this photo, she was sitting in my hand. ❤️ (she’s a maltipoo, if you’re wondering)


An evening sunset. This picture was taken standing in my driveway.

Well, that’s it for now.

                         AU REVOIR! BONJOR!

                               ~The Junebug Blog